Notes From GA, 12/23/2012

Notes From GA, 12/23/2012


The Kubosh family has filed a Federal lawsuit against the City of Houston with the hope of turning the suit into a Class Action suit.

On Jan. 10th at 12pm at 10601 Bassoon Dr. Houston Peace and Justice Center will be conducting their revision or the Strategic Plan for the next five years and are interested in a diverse group of people to help with the process.

On Jan. 10 at 7pm at The Real School we will be discussing coordinating a pizza co-op. All interested feel free to join us.

Jan. 13th we will be co-hosting simultaneous screening of These Streets are Watching as a kickoff for The Peaceful Streets Project Houston. Followed by a Citizens Review Board on the 14th and  an address to city council and a press conference. For more information visit

Every Sunday from 3-7:45p, Occupy Houston will be covering a shift at the East Side Social Center located at 4202 Canal St.

Manchester Free Store will be happening this Thursday in Manchester, Houston in coordination with the Tar Sands Blockade. The Free Stores intention is to provide mutual food aid to the food desert of Manchester, Houston.

On Dec. 29th The Real School will be hosting a house party at 5102 Council Grove Lane. Bring a change of clothes for the Jacuzzi.

In late January early February Occupy Houston will be coordinating with Voices Breaking Boundaries on an art project yet to be determined. Stay tuned to and for more details.

Occupy Houston participants are also participating in a research project with King’s College London to explore the nature of current neo-populist movements like Occupy and The Tea Party.

Documents released from the FBI suggest plans to assassinate Occupy Houston leadership as well as information on local, national and international coordination to thwart the efforts of the movement.


OH Sustainability Work group has been coordinating with The Real School and Econtone World helping to introduce the students to more outdoor learning experiences and is currently having discussions with The Real School about introducing programs centered around interpersonal communication skills. To link up with these efforts please contact Jamin at 706.267.0186 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            706.267.0186     end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


Trey proposed, as a temp check proposal, Occupy Houston establish its own social network.


Discussion afterwards centered around mistreatment of the houseless community by HPD at shelters and resource sites and the steps we could take to address these concerns.