Spectacular Aerial Tree Blockade Halts Construction in Solidarity with Idle No More First Nations Movement

UPDATE: 11:50 am – Police detaining supporters standing on side of highway; one direct supporter arrested

We have confirmation that one direct ground support person for the tree blockade has been arrested, and another placed in handcuffs. Police have been detaining and checking ID’s of people who have been standing on the side of the highway, protesting in support of the blockade.

Call the Angelina County Sheriff’s Department and demand that they stop detaining people for standing in public areas and exercising their constitutional rights: (936) 634-3332.

UPDATE: 11 am – Police and workers getting dangerously close to life-lines of eastern platform.

The lines spanning the perimeter of the blockade are directly connected to the platforms in the trees, and even touching them can cause the platform to shake. Cutting the lines could cause serious injury, or even death, to the people occupying the platforms in the trees. Without direct support in the immediate vicinity, this is a potentially very dangerous situation for the two aerial blockaders.