Accepted Proposals

April 1, 2012

Finance- Jenny- Finance is proposing a new WePay account specifically to collect funds for bail and legal matters.  Passed

Finance- Jenny- Proposal for $500 to have t-shirts made. Passed

Jamin- Occupy Houston get involved with the May 1st actions of union/worker strikes. Passed

Jamin- Propose that we endorse the 99% Spring Training, with a disclaimer explaining the endorsement and informing the public of our findings. Passed

Jenny- Propose next Sunday’s GA to be a focus on strategy and moving forward. Passed

March 7, 2012

Remmington- Make April 7th Last Concert Cafe fundraiser official #OHTX event & get promotion on facebook, etc
Proposal Passes

Darin- #OHTX be in solidarity and support Freethinkers’ protest of President Obama Friday, March 9th.
Proposal Passes

Leif- Lief is empowered to talk to houston free press about #OHTX participating in their June 2-3 Summer Fest concert
Proposal passes

Alice- Publicize Saturday, March 10th’s International Women’s Day Protest on #OHTX websites
Proposal passes

Ben Franklin: That Occupy Houston officially endorse food sharing events, and that we actively invite members to participate in them in defiance of the proposed city ordinance amendment as official occupy houston events. Occupy Houston members will risk arrest in protest of the amendment by sharing food if the city ordinance amendment passes.
Proposal passes

Leif: That Occupy Houston support the March 19th Monsanto protest & direct action @A&M College Station by OccupyAustin & OccupyCollegeStation.
Proposal passes

Feb 26, 2012

Alice- Harris County Jail Privatization, Call to Action. (will update this with more info soon) -passed-

Neil- From Massoud and Amy- Hold an Occupy Houston logo contest for t-shirts. -passed-

Jenny- Finance- All finance proposals need to first come through finance in writing or in email ( and then the Finance WG will bring the proposal to the GA, if it can be fit in the budget. -passed-

Neil- Proposal to offer Occupy Cincinnati solidarity from #OH. -passed-

Feb 22, 2012

Shere- proposed a document for #OH to stand behind and post on our website and media outlets. More info to come. (she made copies, but we don’t have them to put in the minutes yet.) -passed-

Feb 15 2012

Jenny- Any WePay, PayPal or other donation accepting account that is created with the Occupy Houston name must first be approved through the Finance WG then Finance will then bring it up for approval in GA. -passed-

Amy- Propose that the Strategy Meeting on Sunday will take place as the Sunday GA. -passed-

Amy- Allow the Friday Planning Meeting to set the agenda for Sunday’s Strategy Meeting. -passed-

Lief- Propose to hold an event for Feb 29th for the Occupy the Corporations call to action. -passed-

Jenny- Propose to hold an event for Feb 28th for the call to action against the Mass Suppression of the Occupy Movement. -passed-

Feb 8 2012

Ted- Discussion about having another Strategy Meeting in March. Propose to meet up @ 2990 Richmond to have a pre-planning meeting on Feb 19, from 2-4pm. Be there on time b/c the doors will lock. -passed-

Jenny- Propose to move GA’s to Sunday and Wednesday, 7pm. -passed-

Jamin- Propose to have an event March 1st in solidarity with the National Day of Action regarding Occupy Education. The plan is to stage many school walk-outs. Planning meeting at Bohemeo’s Saturday at 6:30. -passed-

Feb 1 2012

Jenny- Propose to move GA’s to 2 nights a week, Sunday and Wednesday, 7:00. Also to propose keeping this schedule through Feb to see if it works better for #OH. -passed-

Jenny- Due to having to choose, many times, to go to work group meetings or GA, I propose that WG meetings do not get cross scheduled with the GA. Now that GA has been moved to 2 nights a week, this should be much easier to accommodate. -passed-

Jenny- Propose to stand in solidarity with the upcoming Anti-War with Iran March this Saturday, Feb 4. -passed-

Jan 21 2012

Workgroup proposals:

Internet [Ben Franklin] That livestream (and other internet participation) in GA be suspended until technical difficulties can be resolved.
(e.g.: Hard to hear what’s happening in the GA and lag affects voting on proposals. Who can participate? How do we verify? Also battery power was an issue.)
Proposal Passes

Internet [Ben Franklin] That every internet account that has “OccupyHouston” in the name/officially is an OccupyHouston account have 3 active OccupyHouston members who currently reside in the Greater Houston metropolitan area with the password/login access.
(Note, these members do not need to be part of the Internet Workgroup, but we’d like to have their contact info in case of accident or emergency.)
Proposal Passes

Individual:  Jamim– I propose occupyhouston puts its name behind the education meeting here at the park.
Proposal Passes pending 24 hour waiting period.–

Jan 19 2012

Amy: started an online petition to ask city council to pass a resolution to end the ideas of corp personhood and money is speech.

John: passed one GA. is a loosening of proposal rules. workgroups can do proposals any day of the week. Lift the 2 day constraint.
passed second

I propose that individual proposals have no more constraints put on them (like the two consecutive GAs). because we don’t have daily GAs anymore. the last quorum we had was more than 48 hours ago.
Trey: opposed wording. said he would prefer that it be stated that the previous restrictions were being lifted. John accepted rewording.
Amy: if we had fewer of them, would we get more attendance?
Ben: wanted to say that there was a chain block previously, even though those folks weren’t here.
John: unless it’s an immediate proposal, we have a 24 hour waiting period.

Restate: Decide to officially form a physical occupation vigil group comprised of committed members to participate in & affirm the symbolic importance of maintaining the physical occupation
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA Passed.

Capitol- Livestream be used to allow people online to participate in GA
PoI: 30 second delay on livestream will affect calling for consensus
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA
Friendly amendment Amy: allow those who can’t participate by livestream to send proxies
Benjamin blocked: I need details of a proxy system detailed before allowing it.
not withdrawn.
block upheld on amendment.
original proposal passes

Jamin: we require our official livestreamer to participate in GA. discussion about what official livestream was, if we need a team and/or how to do it. jamin just really wants the person doing the livestream to participate. john was saying that it wasn’t a single person, it was the web team that was responsible for web team.
amended: Per livestream proposal, we request that web have someone who’s livestreaming also be actively participating in the GA and have the person livestreaming and the virtual participants noted in the minutes. PASSES

John: I propose that anyone can livestream. however, those non-sanctioned livestreamers not be able to take consensus votes from those livestreams. PASSED

Jan 17 2012
Jenny- Reaffirming statement of the already approved but minutes lost Internal Solidarity Statement
Affirmed by True Consensus

Jenny- SOPA Blackout for #OHTX internet presence tomorrow
Proposal Passes

Ben Franklin- Decide to officially form a physical occupation vigil group comprised of committed members to participate in & affirm the symbolic importance of maintaining the physical occupation
Proposal Passes, Pending Next GA

Capitol- Livestream be used to allow people online to participate in GA
PoI: 30 second delay on livestream will affect calling for consensus
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA

Jonathan- Workgroups are allowed to make proposals every GA (am or pm)
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA

Jan 07 2012
Erick- That people & item be remove from 1405 Andrews (Roccuhouse) & OH disband from Roccuhouse, people move OH Gear/Items back to Park between Sunday 11am-3pm

Jan 05 2012

Jan 05- Delbert- Occupy Houston stand along with Occupy Wall Street and stand in solidarity with Occupy the Dream. -passed-

Jan 05- Brandon- Propose that a link be put on the Occupy Houston website to the Occupy Kingwood facebook page and post the #OK events on our calendar. -passed-

Jan 03 2012
Jan 03- Jenny: Basic Guidelines for OccupyHouston Work Groups
1. To be considered active, all current Work Groups should:
A. Provide a public statement (mission statement) of goals, which does not conflict with the #OH principles of solidarity.
B. Publish contact info onto the #OH website. *working email required
C. Be based in Houston and have, at least, one open group meeting, at or near Tranquility Park, every other week. This meeting is to be listed on the #OH website. Changes to meeting time must be given at least 48 hours public notice, when possible.
D. Publish minutes of, at least, 1 meeting every other week on the #OH website. This meeting must demonstrate at least 2 in attendance. Work group will not be considered defunct until attendance has been less than 2 members for 4 weeks.
2. All new work groups must be announced of formation in the General Assembly.
Note: If, at any point, the GA consensus to alter or change the guidelines, all working groups will be given 30 days before implementation.
Implementation: These guidelines will take effect in 30 days, after passing consensus in the General Assembly. Passed

Jan 03- Ben- Jan 21st: Create symbolic and potentially non-symbolic tents and place them all over the park. We will specifically ask that people who choose to risk arrest not have warrants or be out on bond, or be prepared to perform classic Thoreau civil disobedience. This is as an example of what we could be doing, and also that tents are better than stuff laying around. Passed

Jan 03- Pending Proposals
Jan 03- Darin- We affirm our non hierarchical and leaderless philosophy and recognize the General Assembly as the leader of Occupy Houston. The only spokesperson for Occupy Houston is the GA. -passed-

Jan 03- V- Keep a notebook so that we have physical presence at the park of the proposals that have been passed. -passed-

Jan 03- V- Weekday evening GA time changes to 7 pm. -passed-

Jan 03- Erick- We obtain by either donation or monetary means some sort of heat source that will be determined upon research for Tranquility Park.
Proposal Pending

Jonathan- We take inventory of Occupy property to look for any cold weather gear (clothing that keeps us warm, sleeping bags, blankets) we have here right now. -passed-

Dec 29 2011

Evan- Proposed to have an Occupy Houston Blood Drive on a Saturday coming up. 25 persons needed to get the blood drive truck out there. Debb to be the first recipient due to her cancer treatment.  -passed-

Dec 28 2011

Dec 28 – Occupy the Courts Workgroup:
* Amy Price: Proposal to support Move to Amend’s amendment regarding limiting/abolishing corporate personhood. Proposal passes.
* Amy Price: Proposal to allocate $120 (to be used for props like posters, water, puppets, etc) for Occupy the Courts action in support of above amendment. Proposal passes

Dec 28 – Occupy Houston Newspaper Workgroup:
* Massoud: Thanks to 2 people already sending $250 checks, we only need $300; I propose we allocate $300 for the newspaper. Proposal passes.
* Jenny: Open an OccupyHoustonNewspaper Wepay account for Massoud to get funds directly. Proposal passes.

Dec 28 – Facilitation Workgroup:
Scott: The january 7th meeting will officialize OH workgroups; as such, the workgroups that send a representative to the meeting will be OH’s official workgroups and will be included on the OH website. Proposal passes.

Personal Proposals:
Dec 28 – Ben F: I propose that we officially re-affirm our commitment to occupying public spaces, to assert our right to free speech and free assembly, and uphold our commitment to walk in the footsteps of the Arab Spring & Occupy Wall street Passes 1st GA

Dec 28 – Tyler: I propose that we request/invite, as a GA, that people who are occupying “in spirit,” endeavor, if possible, to sleep at the park at least one night out of the week.
[that we post an official invitation on the OH website calling people to spend at least one night a week in Tranquility Park.] Proposal passes 1st GA

Dec 27 2011
Dec 27- Scott G – proposes that consensus discussion to change specifics or nature of GA must be announced 24 hours in advance both online and at Tranquility Park on a sign. passed

Dec 27- Ben F – proposes that any proposal that cannot be demonstrated from the minutes be treated as an opinion until it can be demonstrated. passed

Dec 26 2011

Dec 26- Jenny- Rsvp to the Global Round Table Occupy conference chat and allow Mouse to keep representing Occupy Houston. -passed-

Dec 26- Jenny- January 7, 2012 be a Work Group Re-Organization/Work Group Meet and Greet Day at Tranquility. -passed-

Dec 25 2011

Dec 25- Nick- Propose to accept the offer from Houston Peace and Justice regarding going under their 501c3 status. –PASSED–

Dec 22 2011

Dec 22- Ben-  If you are arrested committing non-violent civil-disobedience during an Occupy Houston action or otherwise arrested as part of your being there during that action, Occupy Houston expresses our support for you and we will attempt to bail you out and otherwise get you free to the best of our ability. -passed-

Dec 22- Jenny- Update the needed items list on #OH website to Trae’s list. -passed-

Dec 22- Vas- Asking for support and possible other people to have civil disobedience action regarding the Nativity Scene. -passed-

Dec 22- Mike- #OH stand in solidarity with a family in Pasadena fighting for legal recourse for their sons murder (there are family ties between the DA and murder suspect, which is proving very hard to get legal representation in court), and post the petition on website and facebook page. -pending-

Dec 20 2011

Dec 20- Jay: wishes to have more art supplies proposal (poster board, colors, paints, tape, drawing pads, thrift store canvas, tarp/box to keep supplies dry) $100, costs as low as possible & solicit donations
passed waiting for vote from tonight’s GA [never occurred]


Dec 8 2011

Dec 8- Lief- Start planning squatting actions for homes facing foreclosure. –Passed

Dec 8- Lief- Smoking only on concrete sections of the park. –Passed

Dec 7 2011

Dec 7– Dustin, outreach- To move our action against S. 1867 (National Defense Authorization Act) from Dec 10 to Dec 14.  –Passed-

Dec 7- Jenny- Wants to be added as a fb administrator.  –Passed-

Dec 7- Jenny- No more deleting comments off of facebook, with the exception of editing comments that would be deemed illegal and hold legal repercussions for #OH.  –Passed-

Dec 7- Jenny- We do not take items off site for storage unless approved, by consensus, through the GA. –Passed-

Dec 7- Jonathan- #OH spends $50 on items needed for cold weather, excess items to be put in storage to be kept dry until needed. –Passed-

Dec 7- Joe R- If a person exhibits behavior that prohibits or detracts from a working group, then said working group can vote, by consensus, to remove that person from group. –Passed-

Accepted props updates dec

Dec 6 Minutes MIA/kr

Dec  5 2011

Dec 5:  Joe R- ~6 weeks ago, French Consulate’s chief of staff visited Tranquility, wanted info about movement at order of Pres France; very interested in doing death penalty protests, particularly due to french national’s wife being on death row. Joe wants permission to specifically invited French Consulate to our next death penalty rally PASSED

Dec 5 – Ben F: OHTX Officially take part in counter-protest supporting planned parenthood this thursday PASSED

Dec 5 – Jonathon: Inspired by disunity in Legal workgroup, but reaches beyond it
Before anyone may take legal action on OHTX’s requires 48 hour notice via publicly accessible open-internet forum or physical posting in Tranquility. This notification is also required before the legal team may meet with any authority figure in an official or semiofficial capacity. The only exception would be when total loss of tactical value results from publication.

Dec 4 2011

Dec 4 – Amy P – Put resources toward JANUARY 20th occupy the court 8am to 5pm.
Move to amend has written a letter of solidarity with occupy
movements. PASSED

Dec 4 – Ryan – Participate in the DEC 12 action with OCCUPY NOW on the ports.
Post info on the website. PASSED

Dec 4 – Joe – $10 reimbursement for people who made dinner happen tonight by
bringing utensils and supplies. PASSED

Dec 4 – Ben – A direct action, perhaps a MIC CHECK at the meeting of the
Secretary of the Interior. PASSED

Dec 3 2011

Dec 3– Daphney-  To retain the National Lawyers Guild to officially represent Occupy Houston. –Passed-

Dec 3- Joe Roche- There is almost $3,600 in the WePay account. Proposal is to take out 10% of that money ($360) and split it in half with the group going to D.C. and Occupy Houston. -Passed-

Nov 30 – Capital – To use $300.00 from the camp’s fund to purchase two netbooks so that the camp may have a livestream available at all times and to be able to monitor the activities of the police and to keep in touch with other occupiers. A secure container will be part of the purchase. (Friendly amendment accepted) If a netbook is not already donated to the camp, by next week, the fund shall be released. If $300.00 does not cover the total price, Capital will re-submit his proposal again with the higher amount. PASSED

Ian used his block to protest in a very loud and rude manner that we are all idiots. He believes having a livestream compromises his privacy.

Nov 30 – Jamin – To organize of a march on the homes facing foreclosures on December 6th & to stand in solidarity with the “OWS Goes Home” action. PASSED

Nov 30 – Trey – I have 2 proposals.
1. During discussions that the time keeper make an announcement of the thirty second marker with a sign that has one minute and thirty seconds on it. – PASSED
2. Implementing the Friendly Amendment sign as a peace sign for a trial basis to see if people like it. – PASSED

Nov 23-

1) Participants in OccupyHouston won’t represent any views and opinions as those of occupyhouston unless they are quoting exact wording passed at a GA. We also won’t negotiate on behalf of OccupyHouston unless specifically instructed to do so by a GA. Occupyhouston will make clear that any statements or negotiations without specific GA approval did not come from occupyhouston.

2) Occupyhouston supports the Nov. 25th protest for human rights outside the Egyptian Consulate in Houston.

Nov 22 – Jenny – Finance: As of right now we have $22 in our cash fund. As for Cash Donations it keeps disappearing. There are people breaking protocol on finance committee. We went a week and a half without being able to count money. If you miss three finance meetings in a row without any notice your access to keys for petty cash and the ledger is revoked. –PASSED-

Nov 22 Erica – An action on no shopping day this friday, I propose that we go to the galleria mall and do a mic check about what it is that we are doing and what we want and one of the things we can say is no to consumerism, give love. An announcement was made before but no action was taken. So I propose this will be this friday at 3pm at the Galleria. –PASSED-

  • Nov 22 – Jenny – Thanksgiving coming up, we should not do GA on that day, and take a break for the festivities. -PASSED-
  • 2. I would like to have it put on the Occupy Houston event to be at 6pm whatever the harvest festival name is. –PASSED– Fall Harvest Feast official name -PASSED- 
  • Minutes for Nov 6 – Nov 21 mia /kr
  • Nov. 5th – 11-12 International Day of Action – Houston is where the Egyptian consulate is located –action is protest at consulate. -ACCEPTED
  • Nov. 5th – Creation of support group for alcohol, substance abuse and depression. Says there are people to run this group as he is not volunteering himself. -ACCEPTED
  • Nov. 5th – Organize Texas and other organizations are having a peaceful action : Jobs Not Cuts on Wed, Nov. 16th. Proposal to accept this as supported by Occupy Houston –ACCEPTED
  • Nov. 4th – Allow Burk to file permits for tents , structures, electricity, etc. -ACCEPTED
  • Nov. 4th – Pipeline — an oil company front group Called ‘Jobs for the 99%’ is a scam that has been trying to co-opt the Occupy movement. “We stand in solidarity against Keystone XL Pipeline” –ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 29th – Proposal to send signed card to Scott Olsen in hospital – passed
  • Oct. 29th – Proposal to join in solidarity march November second at 11:30 Wednesday to Harris County Sherrif’s office – passed
  • Oct. 23rd – Andy w/ Outreach proposal: Meet with Houston City Council at 2:00pm on Tuesday to discuss our tent situation. Call city council at (713) 393-1100, email them or visit. Must be done by 1:30pm. The whole group can come, but only one person can speak. – Passed by consensus.
  • Oct. 23rd – Ted: Board of KPFT – make a prototype of the $10 bill including the preamble to the Constitution. Make posters of this & distribute in River Oaks and the like. – Accepted (note: should have not been proposed but announced as voluntary project)
  • Oct. 23rd – MariaElena: We express solidarity with Houston city workers, public employees, teachers, and first responders. – Passed
  • Oct. 22nd – Benjamin: Clarify the “no drugs” rule to “no illicit drugs” – passed by consesus.
  • Oct. 21st – Proposal accepted: position for historian (one who records the actions and events etc of OccHou and related)
  • Oct. 21st – proposal of table shifts: 7-10am, 10-1, 1-4, 4-7, 7-10pm -ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 20th – Joslin – proposal: Reach out to more established groups like public service and EMT, teachers, etc. -PASSED
  • Oct. 20th – proposal to accept the action against police brutality as an official Occupy Houston action -PASSED
  • Oct. 20th – Flash Mob accepted as official OccHou action (details to be released at planning sessions and closer to the date) –PASSED
  • Oct. 20th – Proposal for House of Corporate Horrors to be official Occupy Houston event -ACCEPTED
  • Oct 18th- Lief – Proposal on creating proposal guidelines – passed – Evan is making a proposal form
  • Oct 17th – Post to website: “Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with the protest by Houston United at the Federal Detention Facility. We condemn immigrant detention as an industry traded on Wall Street!”
  • Oct 14th -concert on sunday (16th) night -Passed
  • Oct. 13th – Jacob – I propose that we move all of our valuable equipment and goods to the park across the street, because it is available to us. Our goods are not the occupation. This means non-necessary items, things shared or donated that people don’t want confiscated by the police
  • Oct. 13th – Artem – proposal to leave the decision to stay/get arrested up to people in the morning.
  • Oct. 11th – Energy day Rally (Oct. 15th): Passed
  • Oct. 11th – Solidarity with the Arab Spring: Passed
    • “Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring and democratic movements worldwide against oppression and injustice.”
  • Oct. 10th – Passed: Language for the website
    • “Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring and democratic movements worldwide against oppression and injustice.”
  • Oct. 8th – Outreach proposal
    * proposed action march on multiple banks including occupy houston members entering the bank to close their account -Accepted
  • Oct. 6th – -prop for Eleanor Tinsley park as location during festival -ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 6th – 22k signatures would put independent oversight on referendum ballot
    Proposal for Occupy Houston to endorse – ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 5th – prop from earlier GA: process change – 3 minute limit for propositions and debate, 30 second limit for Points of Interest, or Points of Process.
  • Oct. 5th – prop to change committee or ‘work group’ to ‘volunteer group’ -ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 5th – prop: new ppl go to top of stack -ACCEPTED (let stack person know you are new and you will get priority)
  • Oct. 3rd – Committee to receive and direct latecomers who may go to the earlier/wrong locations on Oct. 6th – ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 3rd – Proposal (Cassie B): A list of “items needed by the occupation” posted on the website -ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 3rd – Proposal (Artem revised): to create a public education group focusing on facts and stats. (responding to past criticisms of controlling info) All new/additional info changes perspective. Talked about having a group to decide what to bring to Assembly as far as public education articles to be posted on website, then get consensus at Assembly. -ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 3rd – Proposal (Steve): Set up a “Kick Starter” account (matches donations made). Mentioned how US Uncut success with the service. -ACCEPTED
  • Oct. 2nd -Craig: proposal for October 6th locations/ route ACCEPTED:-8:30AM meet at Market Square Park-9AM march to JP Morgan Chase building-10AM march to Herman Square Plaza
  • General Assembly meeting schedule for weekdays -ACCEPTED:10AM – 2PM – 7PM [this is no longer accurate and has switched to 7pm each day]
  • Oct. 2nd – volunteers for facilitators at general assemblies will go into a hat and be drawn at random for the specific facilitator roles -ACCEPTED
  • accept Occupation Kick-Off Party at Avante Garden event at Avante Garden as Official Oct. 6th Occupy Houston Kick-Off Party -ACCEPTED.
  • Oct. 1st – Creation of an overnight occupation work group
    -Overnight occupation
    -By the end of today’s General Assemblies a list of demands should be clearly defined
    ACCEPTED-To read to the Occupy Houston General Assemblies the New York General Assembly’s draft declaration aloud and vote on adoption
    ACCEPTED-To include first names and last initials in public minutes
    ACCEPTED-To adopt mission statement— “End corporate control of the federal governement”
    REVISTED-Proposal to table the mission statement until 2nd General Assembly
    ACCEPTEDJustin: Stresses the need to establish debate proposes confirming the date, place, & time for October 6
  • Oct. 1st – New York General Assembly draft declaration ACCEPTED
    • First names, last initials included in minutes
    • Adopted provisional mission statement: “End corporate corruption of democracy”
    • Stopped proposing consensus decisions
  • Oct. 1st –
    • Creation of an overnight occupation work group –ACCEPTED
    • By the end of today’s General Assemblies a list of demands should be clearly defined –ACCEPTED
    • Adopted provisional mission statement: “End corporate corruption of democracy” -ACCEPTED
    • To read to the Occupy Houston General Assemblies the New York General Assembly’s draft declaration aloud and vote on adoption –ACCEPTED
    • New York General Assembly draft declaration adopted AS SECONDARY DOCUMENT (not to be a primary document for movement, but relevant) –ACCEPTED
    • To include first names and last initials in public minutes–ACCEPTED
    • Proposal to table the mission statement until 2nd General Assembly –ACCEPTED
    • Stresses the need to establish debate proposes confirming the date, place, & time for October 6 –ACCEPTED
    • Proposal to vote on proposal (Derrick- from HFT— Organizing for national Fed— proposes combining efforts with his group’s efforts to occupy on November 22nd) at 4 PM—ACCEPTED
    • Scott suggests Facebook poll with agreements/consensus with understanding that poll doesn’t influence or change consensus decision— ACCEPTED
  • Sept. 30th –
    • General Assemblies scheduled for Sat & Sun at 11AM and 4PM  -ACCEPTED
    • Sign making meeting scheduled for before and after 11AM General Assembly (at 10AM and end of morning assembly) –ACCEPTED