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12/28/2011 GA Minutes AM

Moderated: Benjamin Franklin
Scribed: Ben F

Achieved quorum, but people wanted to continue discussion circle vs GA

Announced Proposals from last night re: Scheduling & Minutes being essential
Were visited by Ray Hill who talked about the importance of removing potential excuses to deny free speech rights
Talked about Mayor Parker’s visit at length, got accounts from Joe R & Shere about their experiences, including how the Mayor’s security prevented people they were profiling as homeless from approaching
Discussion about Keeping the physical Occuption going
Discussed asking Rockuppy about storage outside the park (group items, dishes?)
Need to keep park organised & clean
Tomorrow @10am, donation trip from abandoned items; some people went off to begin sorting items


12/27/2011 General Assembly Minutes PM

General Assembly – 2011-12-27 PM

Moderator – Ben F
Facilitator/Stack Coordinator – Scott G
Scribe – Jeremiah C
Stacker/Timekeeper – Miguel M

[Ben goes over hand signals]

Workgroup Reportbacks

Joe R – Tranquility Park Occupiers – Justin came to us on Monday

Joe R – Political Action – This is the end of the year and we have been successful. Don Cook said that he would be here commenting for the next sixty weeks. Civil disobedience about re-routing a road race.

Jamin S – Roccupy – We are going to clean up the landfill across the street from the lot we’re occupying as a show of solidarity and to gain support from Freedmen’s Town. Time/date will be discussed after GA. Or come to the Roccupy lot and discuss it there. At the lot at 1401 Andrews, catty-corner to that lot is the lot filled with debris and trash and we’re going to clean that shit up. [Question: where are we transferring the refuse?] [Answer: (Greeny?) Recycling]

Scott G – Research – I started this group on October 9th but it hasn’t gotten off the ground until now. The idea is that there will be an online aspect because it’s data-intensive. The idea is that there’s a lot of different things going on at Occupy Houston and research would benefit a lot of them. For example a laundry list of the nasty things that Chevron has done. E-mail and Scott will invite you to a private online discussion group. Would like to work closely with other workgroups. This is a way for tens-of-thousands of Houstonians who can’t be here physically to contribute.


Joe R – Talked about meetings of various political parties. Governor Perry is in deep shit in the Commonwealth of Virginia and will not be on the ballot there.

Ben F – Last GA: * happy holidays from Dan
* Russian Consulate Protest on Wed from 4-6
* Really Really Free Market here on Thur 1to5pm
* Workgroup reinvigoration on Sat Jan 7th 2pm

Scott G – Newt Gingrich is also not on the ballot in Virginia. If you’re concerned about getting out of the fray at 1401 Andrews, the police already showed up there. They surrounded the lot with their cars. You’re not getting away from the action by going over there. [Ben F says that on private property without a fence, the police don't have to afford you a reasonable expectation of privacy]. Scott wants to build a miniscule fence as a statement. Come to workgroup meetings for Roccuhouse for fence-building project. [back to research workgroup idea] Reach out to other Occupy cities to find out what their research is.


[there is confusion over whether a proposal still requires two GAs to pass. Three people recall a proposal passed that reverted our GA process back to a one-GA passing]

Scott G – proposes that consensus discussion to change specifics or nature of GA must be announced 24 hours in advance both online and at Tranquility Park on a sign. [passed]

Ben F – proposes that any proposal that cannot be demonstrated from the minutes be treated as an opinion until it can be demonstrated. [passed]

Trey – proposes that GA schedule be 7 days per week at 11am and 7pm. And that we allow proposals that don’t involve schedule changes to be passed at one GA. [tabled because we need 24h announcement – requesting that it be proposed at the Thursday evening GA]

[proposals closed because we no longer have a quorum]


Jeremiah C – There is conflicting information on when the GAs are scheduled. Currently, Facebook and don’t have an event published for this very GA that we are attending.

Miguel M – we should be videotaping our GAs.

Trey – thinks we should have a (Little Smokie?) grill. Was told that we’re not allowed to have an open flame and that the fire must be off-the-ground and enclosed. [Ben suggests that we use charcoal]

Scott G – I love you guys. So glad that we’re here. I believe.

Anthony H – About the guys who were indicted by the grand jury and the raid on the property near Roccupy, they’re trying to send us a message that says “we don’t mind you being here, just don’t make waves”. [Miguel says that if we're going to be representing OH, be non-violent]. [Anthony points out that it's not about violence. It's about us being disruptive].

Scott G – there’s going to be a Facilitation meeting at 6PM Wednesday…extra-special two-hour long Facilitation meeting.

Jamin S – As Gandhi said, “be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Miguel M – If you know anybody that likes to draw, maybe they could setup a stand out here and draw.

Joe R – MLK day is coming up. There are two parades in this city. Our legendary activist is organizing all sorts of lovely coordinated civil “obedience” to brainwash.

[adjournment due to lack of quorum]


Morning GA Minutes 12/23/2011

Morning GA Minutes 12/23/11
Moderator: Jamin
Facilitator: Ben Franklin
Scribe: Jay
Attendance: Began @13, increased by time we reached opinions

Pending Proposals:
Ben- If you are arrested committing non-violent civil-disobedience during an Occupy Houston action or otherwise arrested as part of your being there during that action, Occupy Houston expresses our support for you and we will attempt to bail you out and otherwise get you free to the best of our ability. -passed-

Jenny- Update the needed items list on #OH website to Trae’s list. -passed-

Vas- Asking for support and possible other people to have civil disobedience action regarding the Nativity Scene. -passed-

Mike- #OH stand in solidarity with a family in Pasadena fighting for legal recourse for their sons murder (there are family ties between the DA and murder suspect, which is proving very hard to get legal representation in court), and post the petition on website and facebook page -passed as far as standing in solidarity and possibly posting petition, pending language

Mary – Dec 29th @8pm – Super Happy Fun Land to host a puppet show about the prison system in the south being a form of forced labor. Sedition Books Benefit Puppet Show
Super Happy Funland 3801 Polk Street, Houston TX 77003
Woman in NM wants to interview participants from port action, specifically people who were ‘tented’, for her Podcast.

Ben- Dec 25, Occu-que at Tranquillity Park; Houston Sierra Club, presentation on Occupied environmental actions and goals, past and future, Jan 12; need help with clothes-washing/drying, esp. after rain

Mouse – Albany , NY was evicted and marched with media tent around town. Police stopped them and began smashing tent with people inside it. Military has begun killing protestors in Cairo. Occupy Village in China is still under siege.

Proposals: None

Ben Franklin: Importance of Free Speech & disagreement about each others opinions all falling under Occupy Houston; reminding everyone that we commit civil disobedience in the park constantly, just by being there at night or by expressing ourselves outside the ‘Free Speech Zone’

Dismissed GA to have lunch, thanks to donations from Occupy Pasadena


12/20/11 Morning General Assembly Minutes

Official count: 13 @ 11:02am 12/20/11

Moderator: Mary Wior
Scribe: Dan

Report backs:
edward: reconstruction of the freedmen town project leaving at 2:30pm and has a car that he can help people to get there
eric: ask that we reach out to the military & veterans
Ben: ongoing protest at the russian consulate for the civil right of the gay lesbian transgender
on Wednesday 4 – 6pm Ben will be by at 3:30pm to pick up anyone who wishes to attend

workgroup Reportbacks:
Ben: Tranquility park workgroup want to have volunteers to come and pick up to-be-sanitized dishes, so have all dirty dishes put in totes and prepped for them when or if they can pick them up
Those who were originally charged with felonies, that charge has been reinstated; any of those 7 who got out on bail need to get ready for their indictment and switch their bail over as such, please contact your bail-bondsman or lawyer
Edward: what are we to do with the large piles of trash – move to wall in trash bags and parks and rec will pick up on their regular routine; compost needs to be over turned and covered to keep the flies down and over turn the compost; recycling is done by mike’s green recycling write recycle guy number on the bins; request more containers for compost, remind people we have compost to give/takeaway
eric: veteran/military outreach workgroup newly formed, needs volunteers & logistical help to reach the VA, other veteran areas

rukmini-devi: is pregnant
trey: working on document that is a list park necessities and focuses invited to farm at the fifthward last organic outpost 7 days a week
Ben: city council meeting is at 2:00pm

Ben: Official occu-bbq cook-off & potluck for all day sunday
passed; needs vote from tonight’s GA
Jay: wishes to have more art supplies proposal (poster board, colors, paints, tape, drawing pads, thrift store canvas, tarp/box to keep supplies dry) $100, costs as low as possible & solicit donations
passed waiting for vote from tonight’s GA

No opinions at this time


18 Dec 2011 GA Minutes

As passed on Wed, 14 Dec 2011, this GA was a special meeting specifically to discuss the schedule of future GA’s.

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Attempts were made to start GA shortly after 7, but the attempts were preempted by the arrival of food and photo-ops with the impressive rocket bike.

Start Time: 7:45ish

Special Guest

Tom Weis (President of Climate Crisis Solutions) and Ron Seifert biked from Alberta, Canada to voice their concerns surrounding the Keystone XL pipeline (planned to run from the Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada to Houston) and ask for our support in protesting outside of 717 Texas St., at noon, tomorrow, December 19th.


  • Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 7:00pm at Fitzgerald’s, event to protest new noise regulations.
  • Joe Roache: Tuesday at 2pm, City Council regular session meeting. Get on stack by emailing or 832-393-1100.
  • Joe Roache: County Commissioners regular session meeting at 9am Tuesday
  • Trey: Court event in Louisiana regarding red light cameras. federal judge blocked petition against red light cameras.

Special Session Opinions

Multiple views on the general assembly schedule, workgroup schedules, and ways to alert everyone of emergency g.a.’s.

Jorge describes march in Bellaire for immigrant rights and announces he will not be as involved as he is moving into a new house.

Special Session Proposals

We used a workgroup format to come up with the proposals. The strongly moderated system started with very broad choices from the opinions expressed and used simple majority with instant run off voting to determine the final proposal. True consensus was reached on the final proposals presented below.

1. General assembly twice a day, 7 days a week, 11am and 7:30pm on weekdays, and 11am and 5:30pm on weekends with workgroup proposals limited to Sunday and Wednesday evenings. PASSED*

2. Individual proposals required to pass through 2 concurrent g.a.’s before being adopted. PASSED*

3. Set a trial period for this schedule to last through January 31, 2012

New Schedule

General Assembly Schedule

weekdays: 11am and 7:30pm
weekends: 11am and 5:30pm

Changes to Proposal Process

Workgroup Proposal Limitations: Workgroups may only present proposals at the Sunday and Wednesday evening GAs.
Individual Proposal Process: Individuals may make proposals at any GA, however they must be approved by two concurrent GA’s before being officially adopted.

Trial Period

We agreed to try this through the end of January.

Regular Session Resumed

A vote was called to end the special session, which was unanimously passed. There was one point of business for the regular session, the following proposal (which passed):

Occupy Houston is soliciting anyone who will be willing to donate port-o-potties (preferably handicapped accessible), including any costs associated with permits and maintenance.

Everyone happily voted to adjourn the meeting around 11:30pm.

Comments, questions, and discussion: in this forum thread



Stand in Solidarity at the Russian Consulate (December 21st)

RSVP via Facebook Event

In continuing solidarity with the oppressed LGBT community of the
Russian Federation, Occupy Houston will be holding protests outside of
the Russian Consulate corner of Post Oak Blvd & South 610 (1333 West Loop South, Ste 1300, Houston, TX 77027).

We invite all those who recognise that GLBT rights are human rights to join us Wednesdays, from 4pm to 6pm, to express our dismay at the systemic institutionalised bigotry on display in Russia. Physical violence & suppression of free speech cannot be tolerated or passively condoned.

Parking is extremely limited in the area, and so carpooling or use of
METRO is recommended. This is planned as ongoing event.


Sunday’s GA To Decide New Schedule

7PM, Dec 18th (Sunday)
Tranquility Park, 400 Rusk

By consensus of Wednesday’s GA, the normal agenda of Sunday’s GA will be superseded so that a community consensus might be reached on on the days and times to hold future GAs. Under consideration will be such topics as: altering the frequency of GAs a week, altering the start time of GAs, what events might be scheduled in the time slots that had previously been dedicated for GAs, and how to promote participation in any such newly scheduled events.

Everyone’s input is needed if we’re going to craft a schedule that best addresses the varied & hectic logistical needs of OccupyHouston, and I thus urge everyone to attend if possible. If your schedule had made GAs a challenge to attend, we need you at this GA.


Bailing Out Our Occupiers

Current Status: Of those needing bail from Occupy Houston, only one remaining individual, Matt Stewart, needs someone to stand as his Guarantor. Please contact Benjamin Franklin @ 412-223-7279 for more details