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Assistance Needed in Providing Bail Payment

Thanks to the generosity of 3 Houston Occupiers (whom I neglected to ask if they wanted their names published), and Laura Elizabeth Moonchilde Stewart (San Francisco), we have solved our cashflow issue. Now we need people to volunteer to actually stand as the Guarantor of the bond for our Arrestees.

You are placing yourself in some financial risk, but these are dedicated Occupiers, and so I’d say you have at least a 99% chance of them making their court dates. You need to have no outstanding warrants yourself (or the cops will just arrest you), & the Bondsman will demand someone with a stable, pay-stub-producing employment or government benefit.

Again, please contact Benjamin Franklin @ 412)223-7279 or

While using funds from the Wepay account to pay the bonds of those arrested during the Dec 12th Port Action was approved at Tuesday’s emergency GA, due to Wepay’s procedures, there is a delay of at least one business day before these funds will be accessible. Thus, we need individuals with cash on hand who are able to float the bond payment on a short-term basis so that we may quickly free our imprisoned Occupiers who are awaiting bond.

This can be a collective effort, but it needs to take place as quickly as possible to be of maximum benefit. Anyone interested in contributing towards helping with this cashflow dilemma should contact Benjamin Franklin 412)223-7279 or (less usefully)


#OHTX Speaks Out Against Arctic Drilling

Today, Tuesday Dec 6th from 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Marriot Houston Intercontinental at IAH
18700 John F. Kennedy Blvd
Houston, TX 77032

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is hosting a public comment session in Houston over the current draft drilling & oil exploration plans. The current draft allows for drilling to potentially extend into the unspoiled Arctic. OccupyHouston hopes you’ll join us in this rare chance to speak to the Secretary, and to inform him that the world needs green jobs, not arctic waste.

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GA Minutes 12/5/11

GA Minutes
Attendance: 17
Moderating: Jonathon
Scribe: Ben Franklin
Timekeeper: Mouse
Stacker: Amanda

Jonathon starts explains hand-signs with ‘A Game of Simon Says’

Joe R- Political Workgroup Don Cook & Green Party are attempting to find candidates; 9:15am tomorrow going to County Commissioner Court, meet at Info Table; 40 people will be coming from Dallas-area Dec 10th, staying till at least 13th. Next Tuesday-a-week Port Commission public comment, city hall public comment @2pm

Amanda- Freedman’s Town Project House 1109 Ginese 9am-6pm, talk to them for meeting times after GA. Have separate webpage now thanks to Jeremiah. Storing stuff for people in DC, willing to store more stuff from Tranquility. Jenni asks about internet router, Leaf as Media moved to protect from rain, will return with to park

Covert Ops- has acquired 6 CRT monitors, will be getting 5 more tomorrow; anyone needs monitor for Computer ask

Benjamin F- Occupiers Workgroup: Assembled union donation & volunteer request list, including 24/7 protesters, 24/7 “Roamers” to assist Peacekeeping, staff to assist Food with kitchen & suggesting setting up distinct snack table away from main kitchen, which peacekeeping may help keep stocked
Peacekeeping after GA (moved to allow work on Dec 12th action)

Workgroup Proposals:

Jenni- conference call about Dec 12th action, tons of interest, people from Tulsa, OccTex, San Antonio, Dallas, FT Worth, El Paso, San Marcus; 40 people arriving from Occupy Now Dec 10th, staying till 13th Trying to arrange people to cover donating food for the days when mass people arrive, no workgroup yet formed to handle this. Save the date of Dec 12th for Port Action

Mouse- OccDC built a barn, 27 arrested for not taking down barn. Mouse will be announcing news every night, wants news brought to him to be announced

Leaf- We need to start workgroup for 12/12 action, discuss logistics for action, meeting after GA

Ben F: Public comment session re: Arctic Drilling with Sec of Interior Salazar Marriot Houston Intercontinental at IAH 18700 John F. Kennedy Blvd Houston, TX 77032 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM (CT)
Protest outside Russian Consulate Wednesdays, 4-6pm, attempting outreach with local LGBT groups
Invite from Harris County Dem Womens group to all OccupyHouston for their Holiday Party @Planned Parenthood Thursday 4600 Gulf Fwy, 6pm-10pm; potluck, BYOB for anything but wine & soda. Must RSVP (for security reasons) bluegals.harris at

Jeff: People coming from Alabama, bringing tents & coming to join us; will arrive Friday. Should be about 100 of them

Joe R- ~6 weeks ago, French Consulate’s chief of staff visited Tranquility, wanted info about movement at order of Pres France; very interested in doing death penality protests, particularly due to french national’s wife being on death row. Joe wants permission to specifically invited French Consulate to our next death penalty rally PASSED

Ben F: OHTX Officially take part in counter-protest supporting planned parenthood this thursday PASSED

Jonathon: Inspired by disunity in Legal workgroup, but reaches beyond it
Before anyone may take legal action on OHTX’s requires 48 hour notice via publicly accessible open-internet forum or physical posting in Tranquility. This notification is also required before the legal team may meet with any authority figure in an official or semiofficial capacity. The only exception would be when total loss of tactical value results from publication.

Jayman J- OccupyNow came out of Dallas but not everyone did, so there may be a reason for them splitting away

[Scribe had to leave & use restroom]


Stand in Solidarity at the Russian Consulate (December 7th)

In continuing solidarity with the oppressed LGBT community of the
Russian Federation, Occupy Houston will be holding protests outside of
the Russian Consulate (1333 West Loop South, Ste 1300, Houston, TX 77027).

We invite all those who recognise that GLBT rights are human rights to join us Wednesdays, from 4pm to 6pm, to express our dismay at the systemic institutionalised bigotry on display in Russia. Physical violence & suppression of free speech cannot be tolerated or passively condoned.

Parking is extremely limited in the area, and so carpooling or use of
METRO is recommended. This is planned as ongoing event.


General Assembly Minutes 12/01/2011

GA minutes – 12-01-2011 (35 attendees)
Moderator – Evan C
Scribe – Jeremiah C
Facilitator – Jamin S
Stack – Trey
Stack Coordinator – Nick
Timekeeper – Ben F

Workgroup Report Backs
Ben F – Peacekeeping – there is a peackeeping meeting tonight immediately after GA. Three obligations: 1) keeping an eye on the site 2) interface (ie When people come to the park, you point them in the right direction/greet) 3) prevent and diffuse conflicts through peaceful mediation. [Carl question – when do we involve the cops?] [Ben's answer = sexual harassment].

Joe R – Political Action – Tuesday, people spoke in front of the City Council Meeting. Remi invited the mayor to our radio show. Joe called out a $50 million grant from the FAA.

Workgroup Proposals
Ben F – to start a workgroup focusing on logistics here in Tranquility. To create a workgroup which meets at 11AM. Specifically, having an Occupy Tranquility Logistics Workgroup. [withdrawn because consensus is not required to form a workgroup]

Trey – start a Scribe workgroup. To develop a standard for having minutes posted and ways to be on-time. [cancelled - time not extended]

Joe R – tomorrow morning 9:30AM Harris County Democratic Party “First Friday Coffee”. Saturday at 4PM to the Communication Workers of America. Metro got $900 million for 12 miles of train track. Next week at City Hall there is a suspicious land deal that’s taking place.

Ben F – We have on Tuesday the 6th, there will be a public comment about opening the Arctic sea to drilling. There will be a rally at 12 and comment starts at 4:30. Harris County Democratic Women at 6pm – 10pm Thursday the 8th at Planned Parenthood; please contact me [] to RSVP.

Eric – site was looking chaotic on Sunday, but looks good now. Occupy Galleria didn’t work out. There is a great resource ( They’ve got a lot of trolls. Go fight trolls.

Carl – KPFT prime time Thursday 6PM. Get all your friends to join in. Occupy the Airwaves. oh_airwaves on Twitter.

Jorge – This is a very simple. It is very important. I understand there are a lot of projects going on outside of Occupy. In case you weren’t aware, Occupy is still here and we need to keep this shit going.

Mouse – We are LiveStreaming.

Don – I have an announcement that the Green Party is looking for candidates in the 2012 election in Texas with a deadline of Jan 2. There is an electoral wing of the Occupy movement:

Amanda – We have a new workgroup called Freedman’s Town Project House (FTPH) and we have extended access to part of a duplex where we can office space and storage space and we are committed to fixing up the house. This is part of much larger project to save an historic neighborhood. Look for info on the listserv. Working hours are from 8AM – 6PM. 1109 Genese.

Trey – Sunday we’re doing a big bohemian art show at 12PM. It’s called Occupy Art. If you know any artists, invite them.

Jamin S – we need more people to help out with the web site. Anybody interested in administration responsibilities, see Jamin or send e-mail to

Art – I am part of a collective that makes public access television shows called Green Watch. We’re every other Monday 8-9PM. We have four shows archived. Please watch. Our collective is thinking about devoting the entire hour to Occupy Houston. Get in touch if you’d like to be on the show.

Erica – I want to announce that there is a Strategy and Public Discussion Meeting on Saturday December 3 from 2-5PM. 4500 W 34th, Suite K. This is 34th and Mangum close to 290. Two weeks ago we had a meeting at the library which was very successful and many people came.

TC – There is a new idea that started floating around today: Pitch a Fit for Peace. Designed for people who cannot stay overnight. They can tear down the tents at Tranquility, but not the tent in your front yard. Only your Homeowners Association can hassle you about it. See TC to learn how to go toe-to-toe with your HOA.

John – [announcement] besides having this occupation, we should be aware of opportunity in our neighborhood. If anyone lives near the Galleria, see John after the GA.

Shamus – a few weeks ago, Amanda was arrested. Vanessa paid out of pocket doe Amanda’s bail. I propose that OH reimburse the remaining $140 within 24 hours. [tabled]

Deb – I have a proposal to not sit around after GA and to be productive and have a march. Ian blocks because every GA is invalid since his arrest. [passed]

Joe R – Because we couldn’t go to Spaghetti Warehouse and a Democrat function. Proposal is to figure out where to spend the $100 instead. Proposes the $100 goes to Vanessa’s bail money. [Ian announces intention to block every proposal from now on]. [passed]

Ben F – My proposal is that we make a weekly protest outside the Russian Consulate from 4-6PM Wednesdays. Multiple LGBT groups are willing to join in this protest because of Russia’s homophobic and anti-free speech policies. [Ian blocks] [passed]

Carl – flash mob at Harris County Commissioners. [Ian blocked] [passed]

Tony – One day per week, during the day, have a GA. [Ben F points out that we've passed a similar proposal through Facilitation]. Could we make it Saturday at noon? [tabled]

Jeremiah – Moves that Ian be ignored in GA; Friendly Amendment from Evan to ignore Ian’s Blocks; Ben F offers Friendly Amendment to change proposal to target Facilitation & instruct future Moderators; Blocked by Jorge, TABLED

Jorge – I saw potential in Occupy to end the corruption that goes on out there. I don’t know why we’re silencing a voice when we’re supposed to be working with one voice. How many voices truly get heard?

Carl – In my home state of KY, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans have promised to block for the 1% on the backs of the 99%. We have a person here who is a troll. We should not feed the troll. I would love to see more bold, creative action here. Focus on solutions.

CK – In regards to Ian’s blocks, any time a person blocks a proposal and it passes, they are supposed to leave the GA and this addresses Ian’s blocks. Thinking about having one “proposal” GA per week. Will discuss during the strategy meeting. I feel that there is discomfort about the lack of numbers here lately. People should not get discouraged. Look for more people to start coming back.

Joe R – it’s a powerful thing when you suit up and show up. If you have to get a point across, you go to City Council and tell them. Salazar is in town next Tuesday at IAH at the Marriot Hotel. He is the Secretary of the Interior. He’s a former U.S. Senator from Colorado. His brother has a bunch of lobbyists working for him. Recommends we go there and mic check Salazar. These are rich, propertied old men with several million in their campaign contribution funds. Show up in slacks and a shirt like a businessperson.

Capital – My opinion is that two things should go into effect: 1) more participation in the workgroups, we need to get a master list of all the workgroups 2) issue dealing with mentally-impaired and hearing-impaired people. We need to have people who are qualified to listen to their concerns.

Noel – we make some sort of whiteboard with images of the GA hand signals. [Capital points out that he is fluent in sign language]

Ben F – tomorrow, the 2nd, is the tree lighting at 6PM. We should mic check it. Be here at 5PM if you are interested in participating.

Miguel – right now Congress is working on legislation to impose sanctions on Iran. They want to shut down their central bank. This could potentially anger China.


GA Minutes Nov. 28, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – Nov. 28, 2011
General Assembly Minutes – November 28, 2011 7:30pm
Approximately 31 in attendance.
Facilitators: Vanessa
Stack Coordinator: Taya
Stackers: Amanda
Timer: SWIM
Scribe: Jeremy
Greeters: None
Moderator: Benjamin Franklin

Volunteer Group Announcements:
Ben – First Aid: We are out of gloves again. Please don’t leave food at the table, it’s unsanitary.

Joe –Political Action [during Opinions] a dozen of us went down to the Harris County Democratic Convention. We saw a couple of cool officials, there is free food, come get some and be there! Tomorrow we are meeting at 1:30pm at the announcement table. Email the city secretary to get on stack for City Council. Spaghetti Warehouse, republicans have said we can’t come to their little get together.  Lets tell them they’re wrong.

Workgroup Proposals:

Personal Announcements:
Mouse – Trey has approached me and we have discussed starting an art project. I am willing to spend every sunday teaching art classes. Unfortunately I lack equipment that would allow me to reach lots of people. I need a digital tablet to allow us to draw digitally. JayJay has one for you to use.

Personal Proposal:
George – before I state my proposal, I would like to give a little story on why I am bringing it up. In my trip to Austin I enjoyed what OA did in their GA’s. What they did was, they have their workgroup report backs proposals and announcements and between those and opinions they have a break for clarification of the proposals and announcements before passing a conclusive consensus. Proposal – We should do something similar. “Friendly Amendment.” Moderator: we do this already while taking consensus. Use the peace sign as a friendly amendment sign. Breaks would be for 15 minutes. The breaks are triggered by tension in the group usually a block. Suggested Tabling due to lack of information and bring back with more information. TABLED

Ian – I have noticed something interesting on fb, people have attached OccupyHouston to their names. This allows you to find people easily. I propose we use the nickname area to add this to our names instead, making it easier for us to find each other there. Not Passed.

Trey – I have 2 proposals.
1. During discussions that the time keeper make an announcement of the thirty second marker with a sign that has one minute and thirty seconds on it. – PASSED -
2. Implementing the Friendly Amendment sign as a peace sign for a trial basis to see if people like it. – PASSED -

Jeff – This is a battle that we can only win if we are united. I had to bury a daughter. We have folks in Alabama that are going to start what we are doing right now. We are diverse, and we have to work together and stay united always. What’s going on in California right now, I had the opportunity to check on it while I was burying my daughter. It’s going to get real here like that, and we have to stay united. If you’re not real about it, you should leave. The only way to make a difference is to stay united.

George – There is a book that I found that was donated to OH and that book is called a resource manual for a living revolution. This book contains very aggressive non violent tactics used successfully by the civil rights movements, cncc, core, and movements that were successful during their 15 min of fame. I just this past weekend sat down and studied this book. I would like to invite anyone interested to see me after GA so we can set a time and date for people to have time to study this and use it for ourselves. Remember this book is not a bible, we are here to study it and modify what we must, because times are different and laws have changed. Also I would like to see more people get involved here at Tranquility Park.

Trey – I came back from Austin yesterday. We were there from Friday to Sunday. While I was there we got involved with the occupy the capitol movement. I want to make a point to say we have very different geographical positions, and unique social position. A guy was approached by the UT speech and debate team proposing he mediate between occupiers and anti-occupiers. I like this. I would like to suggest that for all of you guys that attend school, talk to people. Don’t let someone walk in here make a statement because he got a good time slot. That could effect us negatively.

Jeremiah – A few years back citigroup created a toxic mortgage investment a few years back. 700 mil dollar investment convincing people to put it up. They knew it was going to fail so they bet against it (shorting it – sell their shares first then buy them back). SCC sued them, normally they settle out of court and there is no word of it. A judge said they couldn’t settle and they need to be held accountable because of Occupy Movement.

George – There is normally no one from media here, and we need to keep updated with FB and Twitter for those that are interested. Since I am here all the time, if someone could lend me or OH a laptop, I could keep up with that stuff. Mouse has a spare one to use. Try the library.

Jayjay – The past 24 hours I have been doing some research on the Occupy Movement. I learned that the Fed Reserve loaned 7.7 trillion dollars out to 6 different banks. Houston public library research facility will be open very soon. STCL’s law library is open to the public until midnight on weekdays while school is on. I advise you to educate yourselves. DO IT! :)

Trey – I forgot, I have not made a formal advertisement, but this Sunday from noon til whenever we are going to have OCCUPY ART. We should have dancing, poets, visual artists, we should invite more people. I want us to leave for DC with more glamour (idea’s, inspiration, musings, etc.)!! This is not yet on the website or facebook. Ben can put it up on the website. Sunday Dec. 4th from noon to whenever it stops! Invite people!!! INVITE PEOPLE TO PERFORM (or whatever)!!!!

Chris – POI tomorrow’s Tuesday, if you want groceries, you can go to impact with an ID and a letter head with your address on it, from 7:30 to 10 am they will give you a box of groceries and all the bread and pastries you want.

Mouse – I have been trying to collect news from around the global occupation. I have a report from Ireland. Dublin, Ireland – the government is behind the occupation.

Ben – Further details about how terrible & restrictive the 3-hour protest rule newly installed at the State Capital really is; a temperature check on holding a Stephen Colbert-style parody rally for ‘Rick Parry’ where we are over-the-top supporters who also test the 3 hour rule; well-received.

EDIT NOTE: 11/29/11 at 1:13PM: Just corrected a few typo’s, no changes to content. ~KR


Solidarity Protest for Egypt – Fri., Nov. 25

Friday November 25th, 2pm-5pm 5718 Westheimer Road , Suite 1350 Houston, TX 77057

Please, come and stand for Egypt freedom against brutality in Egypt. Stand for future of Egypt.

Facebook Event


Black Friday Action (Fri., Nov. 25)

No Shopping Day Event:

Mic Check at the Galleria Friday November 25th 5:30pm, Westheimer and Post Oak.

After the Solidarity March on the Egyptian Consulate, meet at the corner of Westheimer and Post Oak at 5:30pm, chant, mic check, and distribute papers. At 6:00pm we go inside the mall, where there is a big sign that says “THE GALLERIA”.

If you get there late join us inside the mall. The spirit of the action is “No to consumerism, Give LOVE.” Bring chants, posters, Occupy Houston newspapers, songs, your friends.