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Nov 24th. No GA, but we’ll have a Fall Harvest Feast

At the Nov 22nd GA, we passed a proposal to skip GA on the 24 and have a Fall Harvest Feast starting at 6PM instead.

Just to remind everyone, Waste Management (not the best corporate citizen) will be holding their SuperFeast in an area that includes Tranquility Park, with free food for all. It’s scheduled to be over by 5. Some Occupiers are planning on volunteering at the Thanksgiving Big Feast held at the George R Brown from 10am to 3pm. If you’d like to join them, you need to arrive by 7:30am to sign up.

Our Fall Harvest Feast will start at 6. Folks are coordinating food on the (two) facebook events: the original and the repost by occupy houston, but if you don’t have facebook, please comment here to let us know you’re coming and what you’re bringing. :-)


General Assembly Minutes – Nov. 22, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – November 22, 2011 7:30pm
Approximately 34 in attendance.

Facilitators: Vanessa, Benjamin Franklin
Stack Coordinator: Miguel
Stackers: Jamin
Timer: Jonathan
Scribe: Jeremy
Greeters: John
Moderator: Amy Price

Volunteer Group Announcements

DUSTIN – Out Reach: trying to get state wide organization for Texas. Had a meeting today with Jen Chalk with the mayors office. We will keep you guys updated.

Joe – Political Action: this morning Ben Franklin and I went to Commissioners court, judge wasn’t there. I had a comment in the chronicle. I wanted to mention if someone wants to go to commissioners court in two weeks they should I will be in DC. They have an agenda with lots of money going to not so important things. Planted some seeds about

Benjamin – First Aid: Needs more volunteers, we can provide training, the first aid table is not a trash bin, please don’t eat food around the table. There are orange and silver blankets, that are labelled as emergency use only. They are meant to be used as such.

Benjamin – Peace Keeping: Meeting wed. tomorrow at 11pm.

Vanessa – Diversity: We had a radio show last night. There were three of us on the radio (Queer Voices with KPFT). Mary Wior, Remmington, and myself. We discussed a lot of topics mostly related to LGBT. We look forward to more shows like that.

Ian – Freedmans Town Outreach: I need more people, meet me after GA.

Workgroup Proposals

Dustin – Outreach: Some of you may know Maria Ellana, we have had some issues with her. I spoke with the legal team about this, and she tends to not be a team player according to them. I am making a proposal that we draft an official statement that would be signed by individuals in OH saying that Maria Ellana Castellanos will not be able to officially represent us or file paperwork without our consent. Effectively removing her from the Legal Team but allowing her to continue as a member of OH. Block: It is unethical to propose this when Maria is not here to defend herself, so I am blocking. Block 2nd! Tabled

Jenny – Finance: As of right now we have $22 in our cash fund. As for Cash Donations it keeps disappearing. There are people breaking protocol on finance committee. We went a week and a half without being able to count money. If you miss three finance meetings in a row without any notice your access to keys for petty cash and the ledger is revoked. -PASSED-

Personal Announcements

Joe – The term Sausage Making has anyone ever heard when it applies to legislative. Sausage Making is a term that’s applied to a legislative body when it’s making laws, which is never pretty. Next tuesday 29th city council is in session. Everyone should go!!! Please, we meet here at 1:30pm on tuesdays. You can get with me or email the city secritary to get on stack. The following tuesday is the sixth is the last day of early voting and the harris county commissioners court is in session. Please get on stack for that as well. Also if you are registered to vote there is a vote for the run off in at least two races on December 10th. I’ve been in contact with Congressman John Garamendi, email me a list of demands you might have, I can present it to him.

Jamin – Next wednesday there will be three mics available for a talk show that is hosted by the Nation of Islam at KPFT called Connect the Dots from 3 to 4 pm. On the 23rd is an international call to action to stand in solidarity with Sol Korea details will come later.

Amy – Jolanda Jones needs people to work the poles for her at the early voting.

Jenny – Thanksgiving coming up, my proposal is that we take a break from GA for Thanksgiving Day. We allow ourselves a day off. Artim is no longer on Finance. Voted at the finance committee

Personal Proposal

Jonathan – I propose that we buy a back scatter scanner in order to determine the gender of the person attending the next gender exclusive working group meeting. ***sarcasm?***

Erica – An action on no shopping day this friday, I propose that we go to the galleria mall and do a mic check about what it is that we are doing and what we want and one of the things we can say is no to consumerism, give love. An announcement was made before but no action was taken. So I propose this will be this friday at 3pm at the Galleria. -PASSED- Those interested please see Erica after the GA.

Jenny – Thanksgiving coming up, we should not do GA on that day, and take a break for the festivities. -PASSED- 2. I would like to have it put on the Occupy Houston event to be at 6pm whatever the harvest festival name is. -PASSED- Fall Harvest Feast official name -PASSED-

Ian – Our work is divided between GA and the committee I propose we figure a way to put all the software we use on sdi cards and go to the Points of Contact’s. So in order for any work to be done you have [transcription incomplete] Failed & had 2 Blocks

Alice – Make yard signs so people can put them in their yards for those that do not have the ability to come and support in person. Tabled to be represented with details.

Jamin – I propose there be no groups within Occupy Houston be exclusive certain demographics in Occupy Houston within the Occupied space of Occupy Houston. Blocks 2: no safe spaces.


Joe – 20% of people 18 to 34 vote, that’s sad. This is a US passport, it signifies citizenship in this country. People all over the world die and starve for being able to vote. People should Vote!

Alice – Reading an excerpt from “Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her” by Susan Griffin.

Mouse – I don’t know if you know, but we had a major event here yesterday. No body else knows. I spent all day informing people. They had no clue. Is Occupy Houston part of a global action. If it is why are we not out there explaining to everyone what went down. We had a gun man endangering everyone here, we had police sitting on their ass. The gun man shot 4 or 5 shots and it wasn’t until he shot the water that the cops did anything. Then the police hide behind the trees. Our lives are not front page news.

Amy – Thank you for the info, I am glad to know it. We shouldn’t speculate on the motives of the perpetrator.


General Assembly Minutes 11/18/2011

  • Scribe: Ian
  • Scott mic checks at 7:20
  • Scott goes over gestures

Workgroup Report-backs:

  • Dustin Phipps (Outreach)Richard Shaw meetingAFL CIO Dinner Discussion at Minute Maid Park (time?)
  • Benjamin Franklin (Peacekeeping) Peacekeeping meeting at 10pm
  • Remmington (Outreach) KPFT 9pm Monday
  • Scott (Sustainability) Last Organic Outpost, Monday at 9am
  • Sabien (Radical Study Group) Reading and Film Screening, Sunday at 4:30pm
  • Joe Rosche (Political Action)
    • Saturday 11:00 am Run Off, 4420 Sans Ave Shiloh First Baptist ChurchTuesday 22nd, Commissioners Court, Judge Ed Emett
    • City Council is off for Thanksgiving
    • Mayor Parker is in China
    • Harris County Green Party Meeting, Monday at 6:45pm


  • Scott announces the adopt a voice program from a recently sent email, fresh off the presses, more info at tomorrows GA
  • Shamus announces that if a certain individual remains within the park he will leave
  • Remmington announces that he agrees with Shamus. He also announces that KPFT has given Occupy Houston air time at 6pm on Thursdays, and that he will be taking donations and coordinating the show.
  • Dustin announces a call from CBS Radio 350 AM, offered us a position on their radio show, and it will be free (713) 881-5926, as well as a meeting with the nation of Islam (832) 442-7378
  • Barbara C announces that tomorrow Dr Che will host a teach-in on how to force yourself on the public & nonpublic airwaves
  • Damian proposes Holiday Show, day undecided
  • Terran announces 1st Community Dinner for 5pm Monday, before GA; looking into building long table
  • Diedrich talks about having been @Occupy Austin before 11/11/11, how only Occupiers are allowed to sleep here, so to city, anyone who sleeps in Tranquility is an Occupier
  • Benjamin Franklin requests anyone who wishes to work on a Solidarity protest for Bahrain to see him and that there will be Vegan & Carnivore Chili tomorrow
  • Chris speaks about Universal Healthcare rally outside Federal Bldg tomorrow, time not recorded
  • Someone discusses how Green Party is looking for 2012 candidates
  • Pierre ad hoc transportation volunteers for Occupier transportation
  • Artim thought someone had run off with air pump, but it was in tree
  • Some lady complained about condoms being out where her kids could see them, also litter
  • Finance: Melissa reported over phone that Finance wasn’t attempting to defund Occupy Houston newspaper, she just couldn’t access the WePay account


  • Cedric: Occupy Game night, passed by consensus
  • Dr Che: Proposed that we not accept aid or membership from anyone associated w/government; Almost universally Blocked
  • Jonathon: Proposed removing David from any Occupation services; Blocked
  • KarenR Ean(?): Ban or remove David, deny services but not physically remove: Tabled {edited by KarenR}
  • Deidrich: Move media center to under awning: Blocked
  • Ban sleeping in media center after 8am: Passed
  • Yoshi: Proposes Daily Checklist for maintaining Park & tables: Passed
  • Yoshi: Proposes limiting food during GA only to those attending GA, Blocked by Benjamin Franklin
  • Jamin modifies to Food being delivered during GA to those in attendance 1st, then kitchen open as usual: Block withdrawn, Consensus reached
  • Joe uses Proposal process to remind people Council-member Jo Jones is in runoff & her opponent was on Texas SBOE & liked to rewrite history; Valero rebranding self back to Diamond Shamrock, trying to get $130 million out of Texas school fund
  • Jeff H holds straw-poll on tweaked capitalism vs. socialism
  • Dr. Che “’Capitalism’ simply means ‘theft’”
    • Jeff H opines moving your Christmas shopping to Craigslist
    • Dr. Che proposes a committee to elucidate the obstacles of our movement [Tabled?]
  • Benjamin Franklin: Proposes that we do a meeting to check on the core definition of the group, including possibly taking the time of the GA: Not Passed
  • Yoshi: Proposes we just go through the morning assembly and evening assembly
    • Darren reminds that there is only one GA
    • 10 AM planning meeting
    • Yoshi’s Proposal is tabled

Consensus to end is called & passed @9pm