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Pizza Co-op Report Back/Notes: Jan 10, 2013

Hello Houston! We had a great time at last Thursday’s Pizza Co-op. For those who joined, thank you. For those who couldn’t make it, we have some great notes and report back information for you. The Pizza Co-op idea/event was very popular via Occupy Houston’s Facebook, thanks to you! You not only showed great interest but your feedback was valuable as well. This report back is lengthy but it’s worth the read. We hope this will encourage your input and ability to join us in the future. P.S. The name that was decided for this business is, “Broke Ass Pizza Co-op”

Pizza Co-op REPORT BACK, Jan. 10, 2013:

Items needed -

(make menu of items at the farm, also, but not included in this list.)

1. kitchen tools

2. racks

3. mixer

4. bowls

5. pans and handlers

6. oven

7. cash register

8. computer and printer

9. flour (gluten free)

10. yeast

11. corn meal

12. vegan cheese

13. tomatoes

14. sugar

15. salt

16. field roast

17. rolling pins

18. pizza cutters

19. POS, credit card system

20. olive oil

21. green meat

22. boxes

23. slice boxes


Takes gas to power the oven, also noted.

Menus: Pending

Roles: Pizza makers, accountants, and dough makers.


Locations -

1. Fifth Ward, there’s a shortage of food around, and is about to become Agricultural District, according to Joanne.

2. Tasha’s cafe, would be a suitable place.


Scheduling: Refer to contact list.

Finance: David and Jeff were suggestions.

People are going to throw in 2-300 dollars each, as shareholders.

Start Date: Pending


Suggestions -

1. Fun is the first note of business, always keep things awesome.

2. Pizza contest, pizza fundraiser, to raise donations.

3. Healthcare.

4. Permits.

5. Legal aid, laws associated with this business.

6. “How to make a pizza!” pack.

7. bake the pizza for the 26th at Tasha’s, also talk to Stacy at Radical Eats.

8. Ask about food allergies for new coop members.

9. Menu being gluten free, and spicy pizzas!

Outsourcing -

Sarah Reed, and Bryan at Flakey’s and general manager at Bombay’s.


Compensation: Pending

Business Plan: Pending

Marketing: Consider cob oven advertising, and advertise and recruit for new members at HFT meetings, or any activist meetings around the area.



1. Tomorrow Jamin talks to Tasha about using the cafe’.


-Follow up- After speaking with Tarsha we learned that her cafe space is still in the process of becoming coded and that the oven that was mentioned before was a confectioner oven and not necessarily a pizza one. She feels the bet way for Ecotone to lends its support to the coop would be to allow us a bed space at the garden on St. Charles that will further enable us to source many of our ingredients from our local food growing efforts. We also discussed having at least a few of us take the kitchen management certification training to avoid issues with the Health Department. It was also mentioned that instead of promoting the coop as an individuals-owned venture that we place heavy emphasis on the groups involved with the project to help solidify credibility for the coop; leaning on these an other strategic partnerships (people who support progressive work) for catchy pie names, material, financial or even moral support and exploring other ways to incorporate our partner. For example: “The Ecotone” as a pizza choice.

2. Saturday morning, the 12th, 9am. 50$ has been put in the fund.

18th @ 4pm. – testing dough, getting together, to trade recipes. AT, The Real School.





Struggles for Freedom (a VBB live art production) – Jan. 25, 2013 – 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Please join us: Station Museum for Contemporary Art – Houston, TX – 7 p.m. – Friday, Jan. 25, 2013

A gallery presentation of the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street (specifically Occupy Houston) as activist for each group will discuss the struggles of their respective movement in where we were, been and are going.

Admission is FREE

Drinks & food will be served

We would like for you to come and participate with us.

More information here:

(Further details below)

Voices Breaking Boundaries gives voice to the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements more than two years after the revolution for a people’s democracy first sprang up in the Arab countries and around the world. VBB will produce a program featuring artists who are inspired by this global demand for justice and change. Starting in December 2010 with the Tunisian uprising, continuing through Tahrir Square later that year, and into the October 2011 Occupation of Wall Street, the world has witnessed a grassroots expansion of the resistance to oppression and a growth in the struggle for human rights everywhere. The production features film, readings and performance by artists inspired by these movements.

This event is cosponsored by KPFT Pacifica Radio 90.1 FM, Station Museum for Contemporary Art and Houston Institute for Culture


David Rovics – Songs of a Struggle – Jan. 20, 2013 7 p.m.

When: Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: 1031 E. 24th Street Houston, TX 77009 (Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar)

Come see folk (with a wee side of punk) singer & song writer *David Rovics* sing songs of social significance & global justice.

“David Rovics is the musical version of Democracy Now” -Amy Goodman

Admission: $10 General   $8 Student!/events/314087465368348/?suggestsessionid=2065720260766991357625935





Pizza Event – Jan 10, 2013 – 7 p.m.

Business call!
Do you want to be a part of a “worker-owned” business? Are you interested in baking and enjoy working in a team setting? Even if you may not be interested in having your own “worker-owned” business, this would be a great opportunity to have some fun. JOIN US as we discuss coordinating a pizza co-op right here in Houston, TX.
We always talk about supporting local and fresh owned e…ateries. Now is your chance to support and be a part of one! If you’re going to buy pizza, why not buy pizza from us? We have 6-committed individuals on board. We want to know who else is out there and interested in this great opportunity? Come on out January 10, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Location: 2805 Wichita-Houston, TX
Let your skills and voices be heard!

Movie Night – Jan. 28, 2013 – “Salt of the Earth” (An American BLACKLISTED Movie)

Jan. 28, 2013 MOVIE NIGHT: “Salt of the Earth” (A BLACKLISTED American film)
Based on an actual strike against the Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico, the film deals with the prejudice against the Mexican-American workers, who struck to attain wage parity with Anglo workers in other mines and to be treated with dignity by the bosses. The film is an early treatment of …feminism, because the wives of the miners play a pivotal role in the strike, against their husbands wishes. In the end, the greatest victory for the workers and their families is the realization that prejudice and poor treatment are conditions that are not always imposed by outside forces. This film was written, directed and produced by members of the original “Hollywood Ten,” who were blacklisted for refusing to answer Congressional inquiries on First Amendment grounds.
Where: 333 Jensen Houston, TX 77003
 Time: 7 p.m.
Admission is FREE
It has been said that the government went to great lengths to see to it that this film not be viewed by the public, as some individuals connected to the film mysteriously “died.” See you there!

Occupy Houston General Assembly – Jan. 6, 2013 – Notes

8:00 p.m. General Assembly


Jorge: MLK Day Parade coming up. Occupy Houston to get involved. Follow up to take place. Will have more information soon on how OH will participate in the parade on January 21, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

Shere: David Rovics -Songs of a Struggle Concert held January 20, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Location: 1031 E. 24th St. Houston, TX 77009/Admission: $10-Adults, $8-Students

Shere: MOVIE NIGHT: “Salt of the Earth” (An American BLACKLISTED movie) January 28, 2013 at 7 p.m. Location: 333 Jensen St. Houston, TX 77003/Admission is FREE

Capital: Walls of Hope PAC – Still taking donations via Pay Pal (under Walls of Hope PAC) in assisting with getting the homeless off the street immediately. Any charitable donations offers a motel room for any given night when donations are made possible. Still in need of a DONATED LAPTOP!

Jamin: Peaceful Streets Project Film at Eastside Social Center, January 13, 2013

Jamin: Press Conference Re: HPD at City Hall – January 15, 2013

Shere: “Struggles for Freedom” – January 25 – Evening (Exact time TBA)  Occupy Houston will have their time to shine at an art gallery where photo’s of Occupy Houston’s work will be presented. Shere will be speaking on behalf of Occupy Houston in how OH started, moved forward and is still proceeding today. This is open to the public. Occupiers are welcomes to join in the event and speak as well.



Shere: Would like to start a Homeless Advocate Program. This is to give a voice for Houston’s homeless. Several homeless people do not have the means to communicate with loved ones nor do they have the knowledge on how to take advantage of misc programs designed to help them. Many are having trouble in cutting through the red tape when they do apply for assistance and this is where Occupy Houston steps in to assist them when the city (and/or any given organization) fails to communicate or do their due diligence. This would require Occupiers to step in and fight on their behalf, make contact on their behalf, etc. (PROPOSAL PASSED)



Shere: This is election year-locally. GET INVOLVED. Council members along with Mayor Parker, are up for re-election. Making the public aware of ordinances passed by the city (most unpopular-Houston’s feeding ordinance) is key in this election. We want people to make an educated vote come November 2013.





Pizza Co-op: Thursday, January 10th at 7 p.m.

Business call!

Do you want to be a part of a “worker-owned” business? Are you interested in baking and enjoy working in a team setting? JOIN US as we discuss coordinating a pizza co-op right here in Houston, TX.

We always talk about supporting local and fresh owned eateries. Now is your chance to support and be a part of one! If you’re going to buy pizza, why not buy pizza from us?

We have 6-committed individuals on board. We want to know who else is out there and interested in this great opportunity. Come on out January 10, 2013 at 7 p.m.

2805 Wichita-Houston, TX
Let your skills and voices be heard!


Community Service via Occupy Houston & Tar Sands Blockade host FREE STORE as mutual aid in Manchester Houston

TSB also helped set up a free store for residents that included a library donated by the good folks of Libratraficante.


Community members were able to express concerns and hear about ways to take action to protect their community.


There was even a surprise visit from PanchoClaus who came bearing gifts and cake!


The tax dollars of the residents of Manchester at work.


Bob and Diane during an interview. Yesterday is their 29th day of hunger striking with the aim of moving Valero to divest from the XL Pipeline.