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Dec. 27, 2012 – Houston’s Homeless is Highlighted



All too often, the homeless are shunned by society, quickly brushed away as those who are deserving of their circumstances. Occupy Houston supports legitimate local homeless programs designed to feed, shelter and offer care to individuals who are no different than you and I. This video highlights several of Houston’s homeless in an attempt to make the individual come face to face with those who are mistreated on a daily basis.


Dec. 29, 2012 – New Year/New You Time: 10am-11:30am

Vinyasa Flow – Beginner with Intermediate Adjustments

Focus: New Year/New You Time: 10am-11:30am

Location: Sonia’s World of Dance, 4150 Westheimer Suite #100 (located at back of building)

Classes at PhatBody gym will resume January 10, 2013.

For more info or for directions please call 713.396.3010. Bring a friend and a yoga mat!

Namaste, Raquel Bradley ReAlign Yoga


Notes From GA, 12/23/2012

Notes From GA, 12/23/2012


The Kubosh family has filed a Federal lawsuit against the City of Houston with the hope of turning the suit into a Class Action suit.

On Jan. 10th at 12pm at 10601 Bassoon Dr. Houston Peace and Justice Center will be conducting their revision or the Strategic Plan for the next five years and are interested in a diverse group of people to help with the process.

On Jan. 10 at 7pm at The Real School we will be discussing coordinating a pizza co-op. All interested feel free to join us.

Jan. 13th we will be co-hosting simultaneous screening of These Streets are Watching as a kickoff for The Peaceful Streets Project Houston. Followed by a Citizens Review Board on the 14th and  an address to city council and a press conference. For more information visit

Every Sunday from 3-7:45p, Occupy Houston will be covering a shift at the East Side Social Center located at 4202 Canal St.

Manchester Free Store will be happening this Thursday in Manchester, Houston in coordination with the Tar Sands Blockade. The Free Stores intention is to provide mutual food aid to the food desert of Manchester, Houston.

On Dec. 29th The Real School will be hosting a house party at 5102 Council Grove Lane. Bring a change of clothes for the Jacuzzi.

In late January early February Occupy Houston will be coordinating with Voices Breaking Boundaries on an art project yet to be determined. Stay tuned to and for more details.

Occupy Houston participants are also participating in a research project with King’s College London to explore the nature of current neo-populist movements like Occupy and The Tea Party.

Documents released from the FBI suggest plans to assassinate Occupy Houston leadership as well as information on local, national and international coordination to thwart the efforts of the movement.


OH Sustainability Work group has been coordinating with The Real School and Econtone World helping to introduce the students to more outdoor learning experiences and is currently having discussions with The Real School about introducing programs centered around interpersonal communication skills. To link up with these efforts please contact Jamin at 706.267.0186 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            706.267.0186     end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


Trey proposed, as a temp check proposal, Occupy Houston establish its own social network.


Discussion afterwards centered around mistreatment of the houseless community by HPD at shelters and resource sites and the steps we could take to address these concerns.



Federal lawsuit filed against the City of Houston re: Anti-food sharing ordinance passed earlier this year

The Christmas holidays are now over. Several groups have packed up and exited locations in the Houston area where several charitable groups stood for several hours on Christmas day, feeding hundreds of Houston’s needy. This season is much different than seasons in the years past. April 2012, Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker along with council members Jerry Davis, Ellen Cohen, Wanda Adams, Ed Gonzalez, James Rodriguez, Mike Laster, Larry Green, Stephen Costello, Andrew Burks and Melissa Noriega voted in favor of the ordinance that has made it illegal for any one person or more, to feed 6+ people in need of food. Council members Helena Brown, Mike Sullivan, Al Hoang, Oliver Pennington, C.O. Bradford and Jack Christie voted against it.

To date, several Houstonians are in disbelief that this law is in effect. Many more are upset because Mayor Parker has refused to address the 34,000 signatures that were turned over to the City Secretary nearly 4-months ago. Several inquiries have been made to Mayor Parker concerning the petitions and each have been met with silence as Parker continues to ignore the citizens of Houston just as she and council did months before they passed the anti-food sharing ordinance. This year, any group including individuals who wanted to feed the homeless in the city, on public property and was to feed more than 5-individuals, had to do so with Mayor Parker’s written permission, permission that can take weeks to obtain. If you suddenly had the will to serve anyone in need of food and legally share your food, you would have to wait weeks or else face the risk of fines from $500 – $2,000 or even worse, arrest.

Fed up with the waiting game that comes by Mayor Parker’s office, Paul Kubosh along with his family, have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Houston for violating their Constitutional Right to give, feed, etc. The First Amendment holds religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to peacefully assemble and so on in which this lawsuit would generally qualify under federal protection. Houston’s Civil Rights Attorney, Randall Kallinen, is representing the Kubosh family which also includes two high school students who are the son and daughter of Paul Kubosh. The teenagers expressed how blessed they were to have so much and unfortunately so many others do not have the same luxury. In turn, these students give up their free time to feed the homeless on many occasions rather than ignoring the needs of others. However because of this new law, the Kubosh family risks the same fines and arrests that has so many hesitant in giving.

After the law passed, several flooded city council meetings asking for Parker to respect our right to petition the law by having the city count and verify the signatures. Each council meeting was met with complete arrogance, distain for Houston citizens and without appropriate answers. Several requested that the city allow the voters be allowed to determine whether the law should be reversed. Mayor Parker bluntly said NO, citing that the city didn’t have time to count the signatures when in fact; the city had plenty of time to count and get the ordinance on the ballot. Media silence has since followed this issue. Press conferences have been called as media falls back on the issue. Parker & the city continue to ignore emails requesting feedback on the petition. Many question: Why would she do this?

Simply put, this year Mayor Parker is up for re-election. Parker is looking to save her image. Shortly after Parker survived criticism concerning the feeding ordinance, Mayor Parker was seen on the front page of a local newspaper with a smile on her face, as a homeless veteran stood next to her during a photo op and announcement that through homeless organizations in the Houston area, this vet now had a home. A great save to an unsettling muddy image of a Mayor who could be so heartless to wage war on defenseless hungry people. I expect to see further media blackouts where it concerns this ordinance and I am certain Mayor Parker will utilize the media at her disposal in an effort to wipe up all the dark spots she has concerning her image. While I am not the only person who feels as such, this is about as low as one could go as a politician, picking on the defenseless to satisfy the greed of others.

To link the article, please go to:

(Writer: Shere Dore  Photographer: Burnell McCray)


Dec. 29, 2012, Saturday – Last Organic Outpost Clean Up – 10:00 a.m.

Last Organic Outpost


Over the past couple of months LOO has accumulated some building materials and has become a bit of an eyesore, so we would like to do a good amount of straightening up. Come on out, bring some grub lets add it together and make a nice meal. Most of all, lets get LOO looking good again!

While we straighten up we will be rocking with The Jimmy Lee Deen band with Wendy Jones playing live on the LOO stage!! Fun and community right here in the 5th Ward!!

711 N. Emile St. Houston, TX 77020

It will be cold out so be sure to dress warm, bring some work gloves and get ready to work. See you there!


General Assembly Minutes 5/27/12

Eric- Suggested a physical presence/info booth (what we stand for, what we’re about) booth at City Hall or Department of transportation locations. Shift schedules, 1 hour.

Jenny- Has sign up sheets for scheduled shifts already. Put sign up sheet online.

OH Participant- Put calender of shifts on web/mailing list for volunteering
Door-to-door campaigns?

OH Participant- Mobile information table at several locations

OH Participant- Make Facebook event to host discussion

Jenny- has every OH flier ever

OH Participant Promote mobile GA’s a la Oct. 6

Proposal- Eric proposed that we stand behind daily presence- PASSED

Jamin-  OH Jobshare program beginning with construction skills assessments

Proposal- Jamin proposed a movie screening for the film Paradise or Oblivion, date, time, location to be announced hopefully at next GA- PASSED

Occupy Woodlands- June 11 event, petition signing to overturn Citizens United


General Assembly Minutes 5/20/12



Jamin- Proposals, When proposals come up whenever quorum isnt met, those proposals will go on to FB Admin Comm Central , who will then weigh in.

Jamin- Next week, at Houston Peace Festival., Occupy Houston will be helping to conduct a container garden event.

Jamin- Petitions for Food Not Bombs drive is in full swing for the July 4th deadline. For petition sheets contact Nick, 832.310.5414.

JJ- Metalheads Against Domestic Abuse will have its underground metal fest TONIGHT, May 25th, at 9103 Emmot St. Building 10 Suite 5. Kegs of beer and live metal, spread the word and be there. And on June 10th at Walters M.A.D.A will be sponsoring a show with Vital Remains, Krullur, Funeral Rites and Peasant, $10 cover

Jamin- An inter-TX Occupy event is being planned in Austin for this 4th of July to Occupy The Capital. Occupy Austin is spearheading the initiative in coordination with Occupy locations across Texas. More details to come.

JJ- The Houston Freethinkers will be having a Herbal Medicine SkillShare, May 26 at 01:00 PM

Jamin- Roccupy House project has come to an end.

Jamin- Freedmen’s Town Project House is no longer an Occupy house or workgroup. Check with Shamus for more information, 832.359-5687 or visit FTPH .