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Community Organizing Workshop #3 TODAY!

Another way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday! Come spend it sharpening your activist skills!  Join Occupy Houston for the 3rd installment in its community organizing series:  Local and International Perspectives on Organizing for Social Justice

Presenter: Maria Jiminez

Maria Jiminez is the Special Projects Coordinator for CRECEN/America Para Todos. An international organizer with experience in the United States and Mexico, Jiminez is also a local who graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Houston in 1974. Today, her efforts are focused on developing programs for immigrant workers, providing concrete support to immigrant workers fight for social justice, and voicing immigrant rights concerns in community and political processes already at work locally, nationally and internationally for social justice and change.

Sunday Jan 15,  5:30PM – 7: 30PM

LOCATION: The Stag’s Head Pub, 2128 Portsmouth Street, Houston, TX 77098


March with MLK Day Parade 01.16.12 downtown at 10AM

Dr. King’s Birthday Celebration week is a great opportunity for Occupy Houston to join with the communities in downtown Houston.  Brother Duncantell from the Black Heritage Society (the organizer of the Original MLK Parade) has personally invited us to march in their annual parade this year (free of any usual fee). Please visit and be part of this 34 years tradition in Houston. There are many activities and events that have been planned for today (Friday) through Monday evening.

Let’s show that Occupy Houston is determined and energized in 2012 to fight against corruption and for a better future for all. Bring your individual signs and march with us in solidarity. We’ll be downtown with the new Occupy Houston banner on Monday morning … come early!

10 a.m. downtown at Minute Maid Park 501 Crawford Street, MAP
8 a.m. staging area is at Chartres St (east of Minute Maid near Texas Ave)

Look for our brand new banner!

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(below is a mock up teaser  … thanks to Massoud!)



Panel Discussion: Corporate Personhood v. Your Personhood: Who Has More Rights?

On Friday evening, January 20, join us for “Corporate Personhood vs. Your Personhood: Who Has More Rights?”  This panel discussion commemorates the 2nd anniversary of Citizens United v. FEC, the latest in over a century of Supreme Court decisions establishing the doctrines that corporations are people and money is speech. Panelists include politician Chris Bell, lifelong activist Arthur Shaw, and legal scholar Leslie Griffin.

  • Friday, January 20, 2012  from 7:30PM til 10:00PM
  • CORRECT LOCATION: [kr 01.12.12 8pm]
  • University of Houston, main campus, SEC building room 102, Come early to park. Head toward UH on Cullen, visit the information booth near entrance 16 for a parking permit ($3), and they’ll direct you to stadium parking across from entrance 14 and the SEC building.
  • 5200 Fannin St., Houston, TX 77004


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Webteam/Media WG Minutes Re-Focus Day Jan 7 2012

Webteam / Media WG Meeting Minutes  Re-Focus Day Jan 7 2012

livestreamed by mouse at

Facilitator: BenjaminF

Scribes: Karen, and the LS video archive (starts (@ 14:00)

In attendance:

Webteram/Media Members: KevinL, KarenR, mouse, BenjaminF, Mary, Leif, EvanC, DianeS

newly joining WG members: Craig, DavidL, Miguel, Frank “Rev”, Vanessa F,  Ryan, LindaT,  CapitalT,  MilliK

Not on Sign In Sheet but in attendance: Erika, Neil Aquino, Ernesto Leon

(partial due to multi-tasking: Massoud, Jenny)

I. Announcements

 Mouse [14:30]: was recently approved by GA to be granted authority to speak for OH Media in requesting & securing donations of media kit (equipment) from sources via OWS. Asks group to suggest items for our NEEDS List for this effort. Mouse will maintain an ongoing Needs List.

Video Camera (webcam); digital audio recorder (handheld type); digital notebooks? tablet?; laptops?,  battery packs (to enable LS)

Mouse: several cameras were donated to OH for D.C. trip last month and only one came back. Trey: We need to addresss accountablility re equipment usage.

 Karen: asks everyone to please complete the Sign In Sheet to join Webteam/Media WG.


II. [24:02] Group Discussion per Agenda, (address new WG Guidelines)

BenF & Anon?:  we need to improve/ increase FB & website functionalities.

1. NEED TWO Points of Contact for WG email

KevinL: Webteam internal mail is our Google Group. All Media/Web WG Members should join & participate in there.

KevinL: the official email addy for webteam is Currently four people have access to read/reply, but we’ve become somewhat inactive; have not been checking it in the past few weeks. Kevin adds he has checked it recently & theres been nothing that needs attention. Need to expand & get more people with access to this addy. Offers to open it up for WG volunteers who wish to monitor this mail. Yes please = *d schluter, *Karen

Karen: PoC, the google group is for webteam internal comm’s, the webrequests email is for OH inter-group and non-OH external comm’s.

Mary: can the incoming mails be forwarded to the google group mail? Discussion, not decided.

Ernesto Leon (new person) [29:22]: video/audio person, offers to help OH with video & media projects, has been doing vid-interviews

Mouse:  requests Admin access to  Kevin agrees to add him.

Neil Aquino (new to ohweb) [32:05]: has his own blog & blogs on Houston chronicle; offers to advise, mentor, assist in improving site traffic, timely content & related issues. Stresses the need for OH to attend to these matters asap. Would love to be ‘in the loop’ with OH as active participant. Gave out b/c’s, see:

BenF: agree, we need a special Focus Session for Functionality concerns asap, all agree (but not today, TBA).

BenF/FAC [35:00]: Proposed: Use as Primary Contact,  needs to be announced more widely.  Friendly Amend Mary: with expanded access (at least 3 active people have access)  Agreed.

2nd e-Contact: [36:30] Mouse volunteers to create and monitor a 2nd addy. Requests that people be instructed to make their SUBJECT LINES clear & specific. WG says no, that’ll never happen, just leave it open-ended.  Agreed.

UPDATE:  the 2nd point of contact mouse set up is now operational:

2. NEED regular Web/Media WG Meetings [41:30]

Discussion and questions about “channels” and scope of WEB / MEDIA WG, these items to be included in Focus Session.

[47:20] WG (physical) Meetings should always be livestreamed. Can hold physical or virtual WG Meetings, or both ?  IRC is another option. Lots of ways to do it, we’re media!

Minutes of all Meetings need to be pub’d to website Minutes section. Several ideas bounced around on how to best do this, will review options and decide in G-Group discussions>next mtg.

Discussion about regular ongoing meetings days/times, no decision reached.

WG agreed: NEXT Meeting to be physical mtg at Tranquility Park on Jan 21 at 10 a.m. (before the Occupy the Courts action)


3.  NEED WG Mission Statement
WG decided this can be done collectively online in the next couple of weeks. WG will draft and post to g-group and create a google doc for group input & edits. Docs can be shared in different ways, Mary suggests we restrict it to Webteam only to edit but allow/invite others in OH the ability to view. Final to be completed & consensed by WG within {30} days for publish to Agreed.


III. Close (54:00] unfinished items, tasks:

Draft WG Public (Mission) Statement (by Feb 7)

Set regular Meeting schedule and location (by Feb 7)

Schedule (& plan?) Focus Session on Functionality Issues (soon!)

Welcome new OH-Webbies, be sure to accept the evite to Webteam Google Group & join in further discussions there til we meet again…

Jan 21 at 10 am at Tranquility.


Field Organizing Teach In 12/18 at 5PM [Update!]

OH Mobile Occupation Work Group will be hosting the first in a series of sessions on Field Organizing this Sunday, Dec 18 at 5pm at the new location, the Stag’s Head Pub (2128 Portsmouth St. Houston, Texas 77098). They’re generously not charging us a deposit, so treat them well. Learn about what community organizing is, the various methods of outreach and start organizing your neighborhood soon.

If you are an experienced organizer who would like to contribute to this or future sessions, please email us at and be sure to put MOBILE OCC in the subject line.


Occupy Houston Rejects the NDAA

Today is the 220th anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights.  In solidarity with Occupations around the country, Occupy Houston will be joining the Houston Free Thinkers and other civil rights activists on Thursday as part of a week-long series of national actions protesting S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

We will be marching at 10AM from Tranquility Park to the office of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison at 1919 Smith Street, Suite 800. At 2:30, we will be marching from the corner of Shepherd Dr. and Memorial Dr. to the office of Senator John Cornyn at 5300 Memorial Dr., Suite 980. We intend to inform Houstonians that Senators Hutchison and Cornyn voted to pass this freedom-destroying bill, and to let the senators know that we hold them accountable for their actions.

Forbes Magazine calls the NDAA “the greatest threat to civil liberties Americans face”.  It includes provisions inimical to our Constitutional rights of habeas corpus and due process.  It includes language via amendment that authorizes torture. Further, the bill funds the latest in America’s unending series of undeclared, for-profit wars.  We reject this and all legislation which abridges our human rights, authorizes illegal wars or promulgates the false belief that America can trade democracy for security.

Occupy Houston demands that President Obama veto S.B. 1867. We demand that the United States cease funding undeclared wars immediately. We further demand that our president, our legislators and our justices take no future action that conflates the duties of the civil police with those of the military or other law enforcement agencies, authorizes torture, allows the detention of prisoners without informing them of their rights or providing them with counsel and access to witnesses, or that in any way denies anyone access to the swift, accurate, humane and fair justice that is our right not as U.S. citizens but as members of the worldwide human community.


Port Action Arrests update 12/14/11

Arrest update: Two more people were freed last night and arrived safely at Tranquility. Occupy Austin is reporting their 8 people are all free and accounted for. O-Houston’s pro bono Legal team has been working on the many details for all the arrestees. Kudo’s to them for their faithful efforts. This arrest incident involved a number of protesters from all over the state and there are both misdemeanor and felony charges involved, so it’s a bit more complicated than usual. We are expecting those remaining, who have misdemeanor charges, to be released this morning. Those who have felony charges each have a lawyer from NLG assigned to work their case.

An emergency GA was held last night to ensure OH funds are approved & available for bonds and other legal-related needs of the occupiers. We applaud all the brave occupiers who stood up, and who laid down, in order to shine a light on the tyranny of the 1% who continue to undermine our democracy on the backs of the 99%.

Our gratitude to them all for taking these risks in the service of justice and equality for all. Solidarity.

If you are so inclined,  please donate funds to OH for the legal fund,  go to our WePay and specify “bail” in a note there.

Thank you.



6PM Dec. 12 Pot Luck Dinner

Come join us for a #D12TX Pot Luck Dinner tonight! Meet, greet, and break bread with folks from Occupy Dallas, Occupy Austin, and more.  Occupiers from around the state have joined us to support our day full of action in solidarity with Occupations on the West Coast with our #D12TX Gulf Port Action & March. We’re going to have some tired & hungry protesters back at the occupation site this evening! Help support their efforts by helping us provide their evening chow, then stick around for the 7pm GA.

Where: Tranquility Park, 400 Rusk St.
When: Mon, Dec. 12, 6PM
What to bring: any dish that tickles your fancy