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General Assembly Minutes – Oct. 22, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – October 22, 2011, 7:00pm CDT
Approximately 50 in attendance

Jenny – Greeting and Introduction

Volunteer Group Announcements:
Carlos w/ Occupy Wall Street Rapid Action Direst: There will be a study group at 4:30pm Sunday Oct. 23 with videos and discussions about the occupy movements in Greece.
Erick w/ Logistics: Volunteer sheets for “tent shifts” will go up tonight.
Vera w/ Logistics: We need a potential donor list from finance. Talk to Melissa at the news committee.
Shamus w/ Sustainability: We’ve become a model for occupation sustainability! Please keep recycling and composting and picking up after everyone.
V w/ Diversity: There will be a diversity group meeting after the GA.

Volunteer Group Proposals:

Individual Announcements:
Scott: Please be aware of crime in the park.
Scott: There is a marathon tomorrow at 7:30am at Sam Houston Park. We should flyer the marathon.
Mary: Diane has lost her netbook. There is a reward. Please contact a staff member.
Mary: Occupy Austin has donated land. We should ask for our own.
Erick: We are postponing the “tent shift” list until Monday.

Individual Proposals:
Benjamin: Clarify the “no drugs” rule to “no illicit drugs” – passed by consesus.

Erick: An anti-homeless bias needs to be addressed
Erick: I love all of you.
Evan C: We need to be wary of non-participant occupants. Save our resources (food, blankets) for the ones who work for us first.
Evan: The anti police brutality protest was awesome! “Thanks for being so cool, occupiers!”
Joe: “This land was made for you and me!” No beer in the park!
Joe: We got a new huge crockpot. We need food anf chef volunteers to use it!
JJ: Introducing as a new security volunteer
Mary: We need a private land donation.
Jeff: “Occupy private property is not a protest.”
Scott: We need security people tonight
JJ: Let the medics know if you’re on prescription meds.
Jamin: If you want something done, then make it happen.
Mary: There is a new allergies list at the first aid table.


Occupation Site Guidelines

Our logistics volunteer group has been hard at work organizing everything and making sure everyone at Tranquility Park has their needs taken of. They’ve come up with a few simple rules to help make our occupation a smooth one:

  1. Please don’t borrow anything without asking first. This includes community items like lanterns and extra blankets. We need to keep track of our stock and make sure everyone’s taken care of.
  2. There is no smoking inside any city park, including Tranquility Park. It’s against the law, and the police will write you a ticket for it. Please some on the sidewalks around the park.
  3. Drugs and alcohol are not tolerated in the park.
  4. Please don’t litter, and clean up after others who are littering. Let’s keep our occupation clean!
  5. Please make use of the recycle and compost bins. They’re on the concrete down the stairs as you enter the park.
  6. Please do not go behind the tables unless you’re on a volunteer group or directed there by a group.
  7. Please don’t loiter on the tarps in front of the tables. We need that space to assist people.
  8. Please don’t eat near the tables, especially the food table. It attracts ants and ruins our day.
  9. If you need something from behind the tables or can’t find what you’re looking for please ask for assistance.
  10. Pack up your bedding area every morning and place it in the storage area. Leaving it out kills the grass under it.
  11. Please use designated restrooms.
  12. If you stay overnight then we recommend you volunteer for a security shift. It’s a great way to contribute and get to know your occupiers!
  13. Lost and found is located by the warehouse in the logistics area.
  14. Quiet hours are 10:00pm to 7:00am. Please keep your conversations low and respect those trying to catch some z’s.

In Solidarity with the workers affected by BP oil spill OCCUPY HOUSTON joined the picket line

On October 20, 2011, several members of Occupy Houston participated in a picket of the BP Headquarters in Houston. They joined human rights activist Dick Gregory, Dr. E. Faye Williams, Chair- National Congress of Black Women, Art Rocker, Chair – Operation People for Peace and many other claimants who traveled to Texas from Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. The group is petitioning BP to properly compensate low-income and minority workers who were adversely affected by the BP oil release in the Gulf of Mexico. BP has chosen to ignore these workers while settling with other people who are well-connected politically.


General Assembly Notes – Oct 18, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – October 18, 2011 7:00pm

Evan – Hand signals

Volunteer Group Announcements
Shawn – We have a handwashing station. Bury your Trash in compost.
Mary – Food
Catherine – Request for a daily needs list
Shawn – Security
Joe – Report back, Tuesday public comments at the mayor’s office or city council, protest 287g “insecure community”
John – Donate brooms and stand-up dust pans for city cleanup
John – Houston United emonstration report back – Thanks for the show of solidarity at the protest.
Clay – Forming an assets and strategies volunteer group
Dustin – SOBE needs microfiche help concerning the Hermann Square occupation at the Thursday meeting
Carl – P.O.I. “last will” clause stated. conference on sexual & domestic abuse tomorrow morning
Carl – Bank dancing flash mob – zombie themed on halloween planned
Carlos – November 2: transport to Austin will be provided for protesting Valero there.
Andy – Outreach meetings are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 6:00pm

Group Proposals
Andy – “Peace Intelligence” proposal – food growing in home
Carl – Create an executive arrogance counterintelligence working group – blocked – “dirty pool” objection
Lief – Proposal on creating proposal guidelines – passed – Evan is making a proposal form

Joe – There is a political fundraiser protest tomorrow. “I hold the lamp by the golden door.”
Eric – “I love you man, and woman, and everyone. Say hello”.
John – We need collective self policing solutions before arrest.
Jenny – San Jacinto students are unaware of our movement.
Carl – Harry Truman “never kick a fresh turd”. “I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head…”
Trey – Create a flyer workgroup as a part of outreach
John – Houston Indy Media at greenwatch tx on Access Houston 8:30 – 9:30
Clay – Movement statement: species moving in line with natural cause.
Matt – Bring love outside of the GA
Andy: website should address parking
V – “Just do it”
Lief – Sidewalk chalk is not allowed. It is illegal
John – Honored to be amongst us. “It gives me hope for the future.”


General Assembly Minutes – Oct 17, 2011

General Assembly 10/17/2001
70 people attending

Volunteer workgroup reports:
Craig w/ News: there have been 1,592 people arrested since Occupy Wall Street began – None of them are bankers. 1000+ have been arrested in 82 countries.
Joe w/ Direct Action: There is a protest on 18 October at 1200 Texas Ave. to protest the prison industrial complex.
Carl: Delivered a jail experience report and a plan for a “zombie attack” on a bank on Halloween.
Shawn w/ Logistics: We need red worms to eat our compost and two red wagons to help transport our solar panels and batteries.
Shawn w/ Security: We need security shifts
Jamyn w/ Outreach: Visited Occupy Dallas today and gave a status report

Proposals passed:
Post to website: “Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with the protest by Houston United at the Federal Detention Facility. We condemn immigrant detention as an industry traded on Wall Street!”


Occupy Houston Stands With HOUSTON UNITED

Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with the protest by Houston United on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at the Federal Detention Facility.We condemn immigrant detention as an industry traded on Wall Street!

Help us stand with Houston Unido to stop the destruction of immigrant families and communities! Houston Unido/Houston United demands an end to:

  • Racial Profiling
  • Secure Communities
  • 287g
  • Profiting From The Detention Of Immigrants
  • Detention for Non-Violent Immigrant Offenses

Protest at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at the Federal Detention Facility in Downtown Houston:

1200 Texas Ave (at San Jacinto)
Houston, TX 77002

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This affects all of us, and is another symbol of the corruption in the 1% affecting the 99%. Stand with Houston United!


Occupy Houston now at Tranquility Park

Occupy Houston has decided to move its base camp to Tranquility Park, on the corner of Bagby St. and Walker St. in downtown Houston.

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The city of Houston is enforcing a permit belonging to the Energy Day festival being held this weekend at Hermann Square Plaza in front of City Hall. At 7:00am on Friday October 14, 2011 representatives from the Houston Police Department will evict those of us still occupying the plaza. We are moving our base camp to protect our supplies including our members’ personal property and all of the goods that have been generously contributed to us. Those of us who wish to stay at Hermann Square Plaza may do so as long as they are aware of the potential legal consequences. We’ll have staff on hand to assist you and more support available for you at our base camp across the street along the southwest corner of Tranquility Park should the need arise.

A reminder for those staying at Tranquility Park: if you’d rather save your energy, we have a silent protest planned for the Energy Day festival this coming Saturday. Be there, and lets show our numbers to Big Oil! The corner of Tranquility Park that we are occupying does not conflict with the clean energy portion of the festival. We believe in safe and responsible energy! Come find us at Tranquility Park and occupy in solidarity with us and the rest of the 99%!


Getting to Tranquility Park

Tranquility Park is located on the corner of Bagby St. and Walker St. on the west side of downtown Houston, just north of City Hall and right next to Houston’s theatre district. If you’re coming from the north, take the McKinney St. exit from I-45 south to get into downtown and turn left at Bagby St.

There is usually ample parking at the underground City Hall and Theatre District parking. Entrances to the parking garage are on Rusk St., Capitol St., and the southwest corner of Bagby St. And Walker St. Prices are $3/hour with a $12/day maximum.

The park is within easy access of two METRO stations at Bagby St. and Walker St. (1, 2).

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