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URGENT Keep Food Sharing Free Petition Action

A recently passed City of Houston ordinance severely curtails the sharing of food in public. Houston activists from Food Not Bombs, Occupy Houston, area religious and political groups as well as concerned individuals, are out gathering the needed signatures to retroactively repeal the ordinance and protect against future legislation of a similar nature.

Time is crucial. We need 37,000 signatures by  July 4, 2012


  1. Down load the petition - FoodPet4.doc – Get signatures – Turn original copies into the address on the bottom of the petition. Print out on legal-size paper if possible.
  2. IN PERSON – Meeting every Tues. 7:30 pm, Taft Street Coffee 2115 Taft St. 77006
  3. ONLINE – Free To Give Houston website and Houston Keep Sharing Free for updates and docs.


May 26, 2012 – Houston Peace Festival

The Peace Fest is a great place to connect with like-minded people. Great folks, great food, great bands!

When:May 26 @ 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: 1318 W. 26th St, Houston, TX 77008

Where: Live Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 W. 26th St

The mission of the Houston Peace Festival is to provide a day of celebration, information, and networking with local and national organizations whose work to improve our community and world aligns with Quaker testimonies and values.

Live Music: see bands here!
Featuring: A variety of food and kids activities (please leave alcoholic beverages at home). Art Cars on display.

Occupy the Garden at Peace Fest

Malabar spinach and marigolds growing in a bin from the Occupy Houston encampment.

Occupy the Garden – Join us for a skillshare on how to make
self-watering container gardens by reusing storage bins from the Occupy Houston
encampment. Also learn how to make a simple olla and get your gardening questions
answered by a Master Gardener. Come out and get things growing.


May 26 – 28, 2012 Volunteer with Veterans for Peace

Houston Veterans for Peace and Code Pink Houston need volunteers to help them install their memorial to Iraq and Afghanistan war casualties. The flag display will include a flag for each Texas soldier killed during the wars and the civilian display will honor innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians who have been killed.

Sat. May 26 set up time – 9:00 am to noon
Mon. May 28 – take down time – 7:00 pm
LOCATION – Discovery Green – intersection of McKinney and Crawford.

Volunteers are always needed and very much appreciated.

Contact Jim Rine for more information


May 15 – Keep Food Sharing Free – Important Meeting

We have only 50 days until the final petitions are due to get the Food Sharing Ordinance on the ballot. We are far short.

Come out Tuesday at 7:30 pm to Taft St. Coffee Shop - 2115 Taft Street  Houston, TX 77006 -
to learn how you can help us win.

- Divide into teams to cover the various events around town where people will be over the next month.
- help plan and promote our fundraisers
- help plan and promote our protest actions



TODAY May 10th – Place-making Workshop Downtown Library

Houston Food Not Bombs encourages all to attend.
Thursday: Houston Public Library Placemaking Workshop
(re: plaza where Food Not Bombs is currently serving)
May 10, 2012
4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Central Library, Concourse Meeting Room, 500 McKinney, Houston 77002

Project for Public Spaces (PPP), the same group behind the programming concepts for Discovery Green, Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Centers Inc, Emancipation Park, and other Houston projects, are now focusing on making the Houston Library Plaza a more inviting space. Inviting for whom? Please attend and give your input.

More details here:



Minutes 4-18 GA discussion

I actually went to a GA. And took notes.

Occupy Houston GA Wed. 04/18/2012
Discussion notes. No quorum.
In attendance:
a bit later Alice
another young man was in and out

Burke: In 1998, the National Lawyers Guild in California took action to revoke Unocal’s charter.
Details here:

Burke is a lawyer and would like to get a similar action started here with corporations chartered in Texas.
The action by the NLG of CA generated a lot of negative press for Unocal at the time.

Matthew: Occupy Texas is asking for support from the 99% against the TTP such as protesting the meeting in Dallas on May 8 – 16, 2012. TTP agreement includes off-shoring jobs, weak labor laws and monopolizing Intellectual Property provisions. TTP details here:
Call to action flyer here:

Theresa: Restart the Sustainability Group as Occupy the Gardens and use the bins from the encampment to make container gardens. Use this container garden skillshare as a gateway drug to more container gardens, community gardens, guerrilla gardens, yard-share gardens and permaculture design teach-ins all the while sticking it to Monsanto. Chatted with Nick of FNB about it after GA. Will follow up.

Alice arrived later with info on:
PROTEST MASS INCARCERATIONS for tomorrow April 19, 2012
3:30 pm—Convergence, intersection of Cleburne and Tierwester, March to Houston Police substation.

Occupy Houston passed a proposal to be involved with the Unioin/workers May Day actions and the 99% Spring.
See proposal here:
Plan is to conduct actions throughout the day and then go to the march organized by Houston Unido to start at Renwick and Bellaire at 6:30 pm which ends at Burnett Bayland Park.

Day Brigade planning meeting will be 04/19/2012 at 7:00pm in front of the Downtown Library.



Houston General Strike Press Release:

May 1st, 2012, is a global general strike. Every year millions of people around the world celebrate May 1st as a dignified day of revolt against this system. May Day is an international holiday that commemorates the 1886 Haymarket Massacre, when Chicago police defending, as always, the interests of the ruling class attacked and murdered workers participating in a general strike and demanding an 8-hour workday. Five anarchists, known as the Haymarket Martyrs, were framed and sentenced to death as a result.

Occupy Houston has chosen to stand in solidarity with the international call. We urge everyone to skip out on school and work to take to the streets. This general strike will not be comparable to the other past general strikes because the general strike is not what it used to be. In this current era of extreme social cuts, anti-immigration racism, and massive predatory financial speculation the number of unionized workers in the US stands at only 11.8% of the population.

Therefore, we are calling out to a population of largely unorganized workers as well as the growing millions of people who are unemployed or underemployed. We are calling on those who are never mentioned in the statistics; the undocumented and manual workers drawn largely from immigrant communities as well as those whose work at home through unwaged gendered labor. We are calling on the youth, college students, and the retired to meet in the streets with the employed, the undocumented, and the homeless. The general strike in this century is a day of generalized rebellion for the exploited.

As students and youth we walk out against the ongoing attacks reflected in education cuts, juvenile detention center expansions, police harassment,and racist murders.

As workers we walk out against selling our time and energy to a boss or owner that profits from our labor. We walk out because we would rather be with our friends, family, and comrades creating and working with each other not for a system we never agreed to be a part of.

As the exploited, excluded, and working classes we walk off the job, out of the school, and into the streets because we see standing up together in the streets as the first step toward dismantling this system that oppresses all of us.

On May Day 2012, Occupy Houston will act in solidarity with people from all walks of life in all parts of the world in a Global General Strike to shut down the global circulation of capital that every day serves to enrich the ruling classes and impoverish the rest of us. There will be no victory but that which we make for ourselves. On May 1st, REVOLT FOR A LIFE WORTH LIVING!

More Details To Come
# 706.267.0186 or 859.556.0112


Preparing for May Day

Planning for MayDay on Thursday April 19 at the downtown library plaza (same as Wed/Sun GA) at 7.