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Judge sides w TransCanada against TX landowner

Foreign corporation TransCanada used eminent domain common carrier status to grab land in East Texas for their Keystone XL pipeline. Construction has begun on the southern leg, Cushing OK to the Texas Gulf Coast refineries.

Judge’s ruling FULL STORY HERE

Landowner Julia Trigg DEFENSE FUND HERE

STOP what NASA scientist James Hansen calls a carbon time bomb. Join Tar Sands Blockade and Houston Tar Sands Blockade



Aug 26, 27 End The Failed Drug War – Caravan For Peace in Houston

PEACE CARAVAN, is a Citizen diplomacy initiative to stop the failed U.S.-led war on drugs.
The Peace Caravan is marching through 26 cities in the U.S.

Houston Schedule:
Sunday, August 26th

3 PM - Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity’s Town Hall and Dialogue with Houston Residents
Location: St. Paul Methodist Church (5501 Main St., Houston, TX 77004)

7 PM -  Rothko Chapel Public Program: Presentation by Javier Sicilia and anti-violence activists
Location: Rothko Chapel (1409 Sul Ross Street Houston, TX 77006)

7:30 PM - Community March from St. Stephen’s Pecore Hall to Rothko Chapel
March starts at: St. Stephen’s Pecore Hall (1805 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098)
March ends at: Rothko Chapel (1409 Sul Ross Street Houston, TX 77006)

8 PM -  Vigil for Victims of Drug Violence outside the Rothko Chapel on the Plaza by the Reflection Pool
Location : Rothko Chapel (1409 Sul Ross Street Houston, TX 77006)

Monday, August 27th

9 AM - Rice University speaking engagement for Javier Sicilia and anti-violence activists
Location: Rice University Baker Institute (Baker Hall, Suite 120, 6100 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005)

10:30 AM - Farewell Press Conference
Location:  Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church (2405 Navigation)





BREAKING: Construction of Keystone XL Begins, Met by Day of Action Across Texas and Oklahoma

August 16, 2012 via Tar Sands Blockade

Tar sands giant TransCanada has quietly begun construction on the southern leg of the Keystone XL— and right now organizers across Texas and Oklahoma are mobilizing a regional Day of Action in response to the industry’s toxic land grab.

Early this morning in East Texas, organizers braved bulldozers to unravel a banner reading: “No Tar Sands In Texas.”

Follow the story here.



Aug 17, 18, 19 Sustainability Events Tour De Hood Bike Ride, Bee Keeping, Urban Farming

Fri. Aug. 17 and Sat. Aug. 18
Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden
Fri Aug 17 evening Tour De Hood Bike Ride
Sat Aug 18 Heathly Living Seminars

Sun Aug 19 – 1:00 pm
LOOP is a great place for hands on learning.
711 N. Emile St.
Last Organic FACEBOOK info

ON GOING thru Aug. – Learn COB! at The Real School. Check link for times/details and great photos of the 1st cob structure in Houston.

Last Organic Outpost


TONIGHT Aug.15 Council Member Brown to join Food Not Bombs in defying Anti-Food sharing ordinance

Houston City Council Member Helena Brown to Join Food Not Bombs Tonight to Feed the Hungry

Houston Refusing To Give Meeting Notice to Put Anti-Giving and Sharing Law to a Vote of the People


Feeding the Hungry will occur:

Tonight, Wednesday, August 15, 8:15 PM

521 Lamar St. (Central Library Courtyard)

Downtown, Houston

Houston, TX – Wednesday, August 15, 2012 – In response to what has been called an immoral, unconstitutional, vague, and unhelpful anti-foodsharing “law,” Houston City Council Member Helena Brown will serve food to members of Houston’s vulnerable homeless and working poor populations with the vegetarian anti-war group Food Not Bombs.

“Just as our forefathers stood up against license requirements of the British Government which criminalized ordinary rights and turned a right into a privilege,” the Council Member said Tuesday, “Houstonians are standing up against a government that not only ignores the voice of it’s constituents, but is outright oppressing them and simultaneously starving the hungry! I am inspired to act, as was Patrick Henry was inspired to speak out in his famous ‘Give me Liberty or give me Death’ speech when he saw a clergyman scourged to death for refusing to get a preaching license from the British Government. “

An extremely diverse coalition of volunteer and faith based groups have joined Food Not Bombs to say that the City must immediately honor the People’s vote and the 34,000 voter petition signatures by noticing the City Council meeting to put the Put Anti-Giving and Sharing Ordinance to a Vote of the People to meet the August 20, 2012 deadline. The meeting must be noticed immediately, today. It coulh abve done yesterday or the day before. Attached is an e-mail sent to all council members and the Mayor yesterday clearly informing each to immediately notice the necessary meeting.

Council Member Brown quoted Proverbs 14:31 “He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth Him hath mercy on the poor,” as well as citing the Supreme Court (Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 p. 442, 1886) “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it

imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had not been passed.”



Food Not Bombs

Nick Cooper

(832) 310 – 5414


Randall L. Kallinen

(713) 320 – 3785


Right Now! Twitter Chat with Bank of America Greenwash PR!

Via RAN Rainforest Action

Hey all—BofA is having it’s first, and possibly last, Live Twitter chat about it’s new corp. social responsibility report. The report’s enviro section is basically greenwash PR.

RAN’s coal team is staging an intervention and could use your help. If you could post any or all of the sample tweets below, we’d love you forever. (ok, we already do, but it’d be even better if you did).

Please help.

1. Tweet from your own account right now and help frame the debate beforehand. Make sure to use the hashtag #BofACSR, as well as the individual hashtags #BofA and #CSR if you have room. Here are some sample tweets:

#BofA, you can’t have it both ways: Can’t be socially responsible and profit from destructive #coal industry #BofACSR

#BofA releases corporate social responsibility report, fails to address supremely irresponsible #coal funding  #BofACSR

2. At 11:00, tweet these messages out. email your friends and allies who are on Twitter and ask them to Tweet as well. Here is a sample tweet:

@BofA_Community: I’m curious to know how #BofA can claim to be socially responsible while still the #1 funder of US #coal. #BofACSR

@BofA_Community: Why is #BofA trying to have it both ways? Can’t be committed to #CSR and fund #coal, most irresponsible energy. #BofACSR



Aug 14 Houston City Council Balks at 34,000 Food Sharing Petitions





Attorney Randall Kallinen’s letter to Houston City Council sent Aug. 14, 2012

Dear Mayor Parker and City Council members and concerned others,

I represent myself as a citizen. Please call the City Council meeting now to put Houston’s food sharing ordinance on the November ballot. Yesterday, August 13, 2012, at about 1:45 PM over 34,000 petition signatures were handed in to put the City’s food sharing ordinance on the November ballot. The City Secretary herself accepted them and asked what they were and she was told they were 34,000 petition signatures regarding the Food ordinance for the November ballot. Anna Russell has been with the City for a very long time and knows all the deadlines regarding petitions. You were told today in open session over 20,000 were verified Houston voters and met all requirements. Today no less than 12 people came to City Council speaking in favor of putting it on the ballot. We were falsely told it is too late and that the City Attorney send out a letter informing all councilmembers and the Mayor of all deadlines. Of course the City Attorney is wrong that it is too late and that was pointed out in today’s front page Chronicle story and to you at City council meeting today. First of all counting the total number of signatures could easily have occurred by now with two people.

Then to verify 20,000 voter signatures would only take a few days with enough people through the computerized voter databases. The City Secretary has seem many petitions–it is not rocket science having verified my own voter petition signatures when I ran for district court judge.

There is no need even to count verifieds before noticing the meeting and meet the three day requirement of noticing a City meeting. It is obvious it could have happened yesterday, today, or tomorrow as examples and then the counting verifieds could finish before the meeting. Experts have told me that the City of Houston could easily verify the 20,000 necessary voter signatures in a few days if it wanted to.

Last Tuesday’s City Council meeting contained three charter amendments put on the ballot by the City Council without any petition. By the way some of those charter amendment seem designed merely to put a two year ban on future charter amendments such as the food ordinance amendment. Likewise, this ordinance can be put on the ballot without regard to any verified signatures if you have the will to do so. Everyone knows this.

Also, the City could do a quick statistical analysis by picking two hundred random signatures and verifying them. Lets say there is a 80% verified voter signature rate (160 good signatures per the 200) then merely multiply 80% by 34,000 signatures and you get 27,200 verified signatures. It is obvious that this could have happened already with only a couple of people working.

It is clear that the food ordinance petition is not late and only the City’s conscious desire to keep it off the ballot is what will keep it off the November ballot. Notice the meeting now please.

Randall L. Kallinen
511 Broadway Street
Houston, Texas 77012
Telephone: 713/320-3785
FAX: 713/893-6737


Sat Aug 18th Choice Not Shame – Protest POSTPONED due to Rick Perry’s schedule

AUG. 16 Update folks: The opening for this Crisis Pregnancy Center has again been pushed back. It’d be nice to say it was because of us and that we could keep postponing their opening indefinitely, but it may be just to accommodate Rick Perry’s schedule as he now is expected to be at their opening/dedication. More fun for us, but at a date still to be determined. We won’t be standing in the heat this Saturday, but sometime in the near future. Add Gov Perry to the fun and we can make this a real hoot! please stay tuned for the change in date and have a swell weekend!CHOICE, NOT SHAME!
8312 Long Point Rd Houston, TX 77055

Pro-Choice Houston is hosting an informational picket to warn women about these phony health-centers. Women deserve real health options without the talking to. End the shaming!






What Are Crisis Pregnancy Centers And What Do They Do?

  • Non profit organizations that shame women into continuing an unintended or unwanted pregnancy
  • Pose as actual health facilities to trick women
  • As abortion providers face legal obstacles in educating women about their options, CPC’s lie to women legally as protected free speech
  • Christian ministries and counseling centers
  • Mislead about abortion procedures
  • Mislead about abortion facts and statistics
  • Driven by religious agenda
  • Direct outreach to young and low income women
  • Use high abortion rates in the Black and Hispanic community for their pro life agenda
  • Cry ‘racism!’ when the real issue is lack of healthcare in lower income communities

What Crisis Pregnancy Centers Aren’t/Don’t Do

  • Medical/Health Care Facilities
  • Staffed with actual registered nurses or doctors
  • Full options counseling service
  • Provide or make referrals for abortions or birth control