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GA Sunday Feb 19 AGENDA Special Topic

Friday night’s Planning Meeting was fruitful!  Some  folks stepped up & volunteered to Faciliate Sunday’s Session and the Agenda was consensed.  If you plan to attend Sunday, you can review this Agenda in advance & come prepared to participate …

Onward …! Weekend Strategy Session/GA Scheduled Sunday 2.19.12

Join us this Sunday for a very focused GA devoted to strategizing the future of Occupy Houston: where we’re headed and how, exactly, we’ll get there. We’ll follow an agenda set at Friday’s planning meeting so that we can hit …

GA Minutes Nov. 28, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – Nov. 28, 2011
General Assembly Minutes – November 28, 2011 7:30pm
Approximately 31 in attendance.
Facilitators: Vanessa
Stack Coordinator: Taya
Stackers: Amanda
Timer: SWIM
Scribe: Jeremy
Greeters: None
Moderator: Benjamin Franklin

Volunteer Group Announcements:
Ben – …