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GA Meeting Notes – Oct 10 7:00pm

General Assembly Monday October 10, 2011 7:24pm-10:04

Moderator: Jon P

Scribe: Nicole B

Attendance 115+ people


Greeting: Jon P

  • Set down ground rules and process of how the meeting should be run


Safety Announcement: Police won’t stop people …

GA Meeting Notes – Oct 9 7:00pm

Start Attendance: 38
unfortunately, mid and end attendance counts were not taken. sorry.

Start Time: 7PM
Selection and explanation of roles of moderator and facilitator


* As a temporary measure, the police have agreed to allow us to put …

GA Meeting Notes – Oct 8 7:00pm

start time 7:06pm
Starting attendance 86
mid attendance 111
end attendance 100

Large number of first timers, by show of hands
Nick was the facilitator
Introduction (Nick)
– mic check
– how proposals would be handled at this GA
+ …

Oct. 7th 12 noon GA

[yes, there was some confusion over having a GA at noon. We need to get someone to transfer updated props from minutes to a central document. As I have been taking and typing most minutes until recently, this needs to …

Oct. 7th Noon GA Minutes

Jon – set down the ground rules of the GA

Topic: Moving to Eleanor Tinsley Park (ETP)(Jon)

-There is very little power available but we (Jordan) are in the process of hopefully getting
-We are planning on marching to …