Occupy Wall Street (The Theory)

all respect and recognition to John Robb @ Global Guerrillas. Decentralization is the new humanity!


edit: Similar sentiments:
The Occupation is the Message
Occupy Wall Street Doesn’t Need to Issue any Demands (Yet)


The US Occupation So Far

This post is a nice reminder to the Mainstream (Corporate) Media in this country and some friendly help for those trying to explain to their friends/families/co-workers what exactly it is that people are so outraged about in this country…plenty of

More than 700 arrested in Wall Street protest


(Reuters) – Police reopened the Brooklyn Bridge Saturday evening after more than 700 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested for blocking traffic lanes and attempting an unauthorized march across the span.

The arrests took place when a large group of …

Who Runs the World ? – Network Analysis Reveals ‘Super Entity’ of Global Corporate Control


In the first such analysis ever conducted, Swiss economic researchers have conducted a global network analysis of the most powerful transnational corporations (TNCs). Their results have revealed a core of 787 firms with control of 80% of this network, …

Journalist Chris Hedges: Occupy Wall Street is ‘where the hope of America lies’


Journalist Chris Hedges put in an appearance at the Occupy Wall Street protest on Sunday morning and engaged in a lengthy interview, during which he described the protest as “really where the hope of America lies.”

Hedges was particularly …