March with MLK Day Parade 01.16.12 downtown at 10AM

Dr. King’s Birthday Celebration week is a great opportunity for Occupy Houston to join with the communities in downtown Houston.  Brother Duncantell from the Black Heritage Society (the organizer of the Original MLK Parade) has personally invited us to march …

Jan 21: Who Killed Democracy? (Interactive Play)

Join us on January 21 at 11 AM downtown for “Who Killed Democracy?”, an interactive street play featuring music, a parade, good guys, bad guys, and YOU. Bring the whole family for kid-friendly activities, build-your-own-hotdogs, and great conversation with members …

Work Group Meet & Greet: Sat Jan 7th at 2PM


Wanna get more involved with Occupy Houston but you just don’t know how? Come out to Tranquility Park, on January 7, for a Work Group Meet and Greet and Focus Sessions. Stay for GA at 5:30PM.

Learn …

January 4th, 2012: Weekly Protest Rally Outside the Russian Consulate

3 Regions of the Russian Federation now forbid any public LGBT expression, under the homophobic pretense that it serves to “propagandize children”. Pride Prides have long been not only illegal, but met with State-sanctioned violence & lynch mobs.

Occupy Houston …

Work Group Meet&Greet/ Work Group Re-Organization Day- Jan 7th

Come join Occupy Houston on January 7, 2012 for a Work Group Meet & Greet/Work Group Re-Organization Day. Let’s start the New Year off right. We have many new faces here at Occupy Houston and many faces that have been …

GA for discussing GA Schedule this thursday (11/29)

The evening GA this Thursday, 11/29, there will be discussion regarding changing the schedule of GA and possibly topics about proposals and other scheduling related topics.

The GA schedule until then is:
Dec 28th: 11AM and 7:30PM
Dec 29th: 11AM …

Protest Rallies Outside the Russian Consulate Continue

The weekly protests outside the Russian Consulate continue. If you’re on facebook, you can RSVP here, but it’s definitely not required. Bring your friends and family to this peaceful demonstration of support for our queer brothers and sisters in …

Stand in Solidarity at the Russian Consulate (December 21st)

RSVP via Facebook Event

In continuing solidarity with the oppressed LGBT community of the
Russian Federation, Occupy Houston will be holding protests outside of
the Russian Consulate corner of Post Oak Blvd & South 610 (1333 West Loop South,