Finance Meeting 12/14/11

Ben and Remington present. Formed a new sub-group of finance, Bail Bond Work Group. Seeking funds for bailing out those involved with D12 action. Announcements posted. Next finance meeting 12/18/11.

Finance Meeting 12/11/11

Jenny in attendance, but rescheduled due to company with Port Action, next meeting 12/14/11.

Finance Meeting 12/7/11

Rescheduled due to meetings regarding Direct Action, Next meeting 12/11/11.

Finance Meeting 12/4/11

Jenny and Swim in attendance, no meeting, next meeting scheduled for 12/7/11

Finance Meeting 11/30/11

Jenny and Swim in attendance, no meeting

Bailing Out Our Occupiers

Current Status: Of those needing bail from Occupy Houston, only one remaining individual, Matt Stewart, needs someone to stand as his Guarantor. Please contact Benjamin Franklin @ 412-223-7279 for more details

Assistance Needed in Providing Bail Payment

Thanks to the generosity of 3 Houston Occupiers (whom I neglected to ask if they wanted their names published), and Laura Elizabeth Moonchilde Stewart (San Francisco), we have solved our cashflow issue. Now we need people to volunteer to …

Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/27/11

Attended; Swim, Jenny, John P, Darin, Chris, Jamin


Basic count of money and getting lockboxes straightened out. GA ran overtime so meeting was cut short.


Next meeting scheduled for 11/30/11.