Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/23/2011

Attended By; Darin, John P., Jenny, Jamin, Vanessa C, Artem, Swim


Agenda; 501c3, speaker Dave Atwood, petty cash box, location of keys


Discussion Topics

1. Speaker Dave Atwood; extending help through Houston Peace and Justice, offering for #OH …

Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/20/2011

Attended; Jenny, John P, Darin, Mike M, Joe R, Maria Elena, Chris H, Taryn, Jamin


Agenda; lack of responsibility with keyholders, boxes not able to be accessed, new tip jar (again)


Discussion Topics

1. No keys on site, …

Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/16/2011

Once again, no lock boxes or keys present. Lack of attendance as well. Next meeting scheduled for 11/20/2011.

Finance Work Group Meeting 11/13/11

Agenda; 501c3 status, change meeting time, protocol for groups asking for finance help, bookkeeping, multiple sources of funds


Discussion Topics


1.  501c3

A.  Jeff’s number for legal advice on 501c3; 502-774-4499, email

B.  Other occupations are …

Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/9/2011

Not enough in attendance. Next meeting 11/13/11.

Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/6/2011

Agenda; receipts, donation jar, 501c3, bank account, EIN, protocol on handling cash donations, food, warehouse


Discussion Topics

1. Receipts to be kept in ledger (red notebook).

2. Donation jar is now the toolbox to be kept on food table. …

Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/2/2011

There were not enough people there to hold meeting.  Reschedule for 11/6/2011.

Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 10/30/2011

Attended by; Remington, Darin, Jenny, Artem, Chris, Melissa, CK, Vanessa, John P, John, Jamin, Swim




Process for cash flow in/out, petty cash, 501c3, deposits and bank account, security on finance group, receipts, lock boxes


Proposals Passed…