Meeting Minutes 12/11

FTPH Meeting Minutes- 12/11/2011; 1 pm
Present: Amanda K, Shamus, Vera, Rico, Tre, Erick

1. Review of FTPH mission, purpose, rules, procedures.
2. Address Logistical House Needs

-Really need an alternator for bike powered generators

– Raw materials:

– Amanda …

Freedmens Town Project House

The Freedman’s Town Project House is a workgroup of Occupy Houston. In affiliation with Lynwood Johnson and Emily Nghiem of the Freedman’s Town Civil Rights Center, we are participating in various efforts to advocate for the preservation of the Fourth …

Meeting Minutes 12/4

Freedman’s Town Project House; 1st Official Meeting

12/4/11; 2:00 pm

Present: Shamus, Amanda R., Amanda H., Jeremiah, Vera, Taryn, Adam, Ben


1. Review of Rules, House Procedures

  • Hours are Mon-Sat, 9a-6p; Sunday is day off from construction and

Meeting Minutes 11/29

Freedman’s Town Project Meeting Minutes

Planning Meeting


Present: Swim, Amanda Renee, Shamus


Subject: Initial workgroup meeting for the Freedmen’s Town Project House


Background Info: It is through Amanda and Shamus’ work with Lynwood and Emily of the …