Occupy Houston General Assembly – Jan. 6, 2013 – Notes

8:00 p.m. General Assembly


Jorge: MLK Day Parade coming up. Occupy Houston to get involved. Follow up to take place. Will have more information soon on how OH will participate in the parade on January 21, 2013 at 10:00 …

Notes From GA, 12/23/2012

Notes From GA, 12/23/2012


The Kubosh family has filed a Federal lawsuit against the City of Houston with the hope of turning the suit into a Class Action suit.

On Jan. 10th at 12pm at 10601 Bassoon Dr. Houston …

Planning for 9-month anniversary

Jamin proposed last night, and it was passed, that we make an event to mark our 9-month anniversary of occupation on July 6th.  We’ll make an event page on Facebook and then people can discuss there about how we want …

General Assembly Minutes 4/1/12





22+ in attendance

New comer welcome, hand signals discussed


Will- just took a position with the American Civil Liberties Union as a youth organizer. If anyone is interested, please get in touch

Craig- City Council …

GA Minutes 3/07/2012

GA 3-7-2012
Library Plaza, 7:35pm
Scribe- Alice, Stack- Benjamin, Facilitator- Delbert, Moderator- Don

Workgroup Announcements
-Delbert/PPL of Color- March 23rd, South Texas School of Law, posted on facebook, legal discussion on the Camp Logan Riots, 8am-5pm, $25 …

Minutes Special Strategy Meeting: March 4, 2012

Minutes Special Strategy Meeting: March 4, 2012

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Values of Occupy Houston

We create and maintain global, social, economic and environmental justice by …

Minutes/Notes of February 19, 2012 General Assembl

Agenda accepted.

1:15-1:30  Welcome and Values

Speaker principles – Balance in time.

SPEAKERS:Use  of “I believe we should do this v. we should do this.”  No piggybacking.

LISTENERS:No crosstalk.   No advice.  Confidentiality.  Amnesty.  No ownership of proposals.


VALUES: Fairness…

Minuets of General Assembly of 1/23/2012

For the General Assembly of 1/23/2012, we were one vote shy of obtaining Quorum. Therefore, no new proposals were made. However we did make some general workgroup report backs followed by a discussion of our concerns over the future direction …