GA for discussing GA Schedule this thursday (11/29)

The evening GA this Thursday, 11/29, there will be discussion regarding changing the schedule of GA and possibly topics about proposals and other scheduling related topics.

The GA schedule until then is:
Dec 28th: 11AM and 7:30PM
Dec 29th: 11AM …

12/27/2011 General Assembly Minutes PM

General Assembly – 2011-12-27 PM

Moderator – Ben F
Facilitator/Stack Coordinator – Scott G
Scribe – Jeremiah C
Stacker/Timekeeper – Miguel M

[Ben goes over hand signals]

Workgroup Reportbacks

Joe R – Tranquility Park Occupiers – …

December 22, 2011 General Assembly PM

Jonathan- moderator

Mike- Facilitator

Jenny- Scribe/Stacker

Rico- Timer

Work Group Report Back

Capital- Project Houses- Trying to get in contact with Austin and also trying to secure a location on Andrews.  Rockupy Music and Art Fest to be held tomorrow …

Morning GA Minutes 12/23/2011

Morning GA Minutes 12/23/11
Moderator: Jamin
Facilitator: Ben Franklin
Scribe: Jay
Attendance: Began @13, increased by time we reached opinions

Pending Proposals:
Ben- If you are arrested committing non-violent civil-disobedience during an Occupy Houston …

21 Dec AM GA skipped

Just a note so we know that we’re not missing minutes for this GA.

12/20/11 Morning General Assembly Minutes

Official count: 13 @ 11:02am 12/20/11

Moderator: Mary Wior
Scribe: Dan

Report backs:
edward: reconstruction of the freedmen town project leaving at 2:30pm and has a car that he can help people to get there
eric: ask that we …

18 Dec 2011 GA Minutes

As passed on Wed, 14 Dec 2011, this GA was a special meeting specifically to discuss the schedule of future GA’s.

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Attempts were made to start GA shortly after 7, but the attempts were preempted by …

Sunday’s GA To Decide New Schedule

7PM, Dec 18th (Sunday)
Tranquility Park, 400 Rusk

By consensus of Wednesday’s GA, the normal agenda of Sunday’s GA will be superseded so that a community consensus might be reached on on the days and times to hold future GAs. …