Finance Meeting 2/1/12

Attendance; Jenny, Shere, Taryn, Joe, Vera, plus a few others and newcomers

Lumped in, again, with Logistics meeting, then the discussion continued into the GA

Questions over who is finance and where are the boxes. Boxes still in the same …

Finance Meeting 1/29/12

About 8 in attendance including, Jenny, Nick, Earl, Anthony, Chris, and a few newcomers

Update from last meeting. Jenny spoke to Lief. The WePay is still accessible, so there is no need to open another account.

Fundraising ideas surfaced. Ex. …

Finance Meeting 1/26/12

Lumped in with Logistics Meeting so that there could be feedback.

Discussion over WePay account not being easily accessible. Conclusion being, check into starting another WePay or PayPal account. Approved.

Logistics needs support from finance to get 4 locking, waterproof …

Finance Meeting 1/20/12

Jenny the only one in attendance. Next meeting to be lumped into logistics meeting on 1/26/12.

Finance Meeting 1/7/12

Mission Statement; Finance Work Group will aim to handle and distribute the funds for Occupy Houston in a responsible, fair, transparent, and honest manner.

Point of Contact;


Finance Meeting 12/25/11

Finance lumped into the open discussion Christmas GA. 20+ in attendance. Discussion of accepting the offer from Houston Peace and Justice for help with the 501c3 status. Proposed and Passed. Next meeting scheduled for the January 7 WG day.

Finance Meeting 12/18/11 and 12/21/11

No attendance due to holidays

Finance Meeting 12/14/11

Ben and Remington present. Formed a new sub-group of finance, Bail Bond Work Group. Seeking funds for bailing out those involved with D12 action. Announcements posted. Next finance meeting 12/18/11.