Finance Meeting 12/11/11

Jenny in attendance, but rescheduled due to company with Port Action, next meeting 12/14/11.

Finance Meeting 12/7/11

Rescheduled due to meetings regarding Direct Action, Next meeting 12/11/11.

Finance Meeting 12/4/11

Jenny and Swim in attendance, no meeting, next meeting scheduled for 12/7/11

Finance Meeting 11/30/11

Jenny and Swim in attendance, no meeting

General Assembly 2/1/12

Shere- Moderator

Vera- Facilitator

Jenny- Facilitator/Scribe

Open Stack

15-18 in attendance

Work Group Report Back-

Logistics Report Back done in Proposal section

Political Action- Red Light Camera Proposal failed at City Hall. Houston City Council public comment, Tuesdays at 2:00.…

General Assembly 1/29/12

Jenny- moderator

Craig- facilitator, timer

Nick- facilitator, stacker

Alice- stacker

Maria- scribe

[There was a national conference held here in town by Healthcare NOW.  We had around 25 people from that conference come to our GA.  Several were also from …

Minuets of General Assembly of 1/23/2012

For the General Assembly of 1/23/2012, we were one vote shy of obtaining Quorum. Therefore, no new proposals were made. However we did make some general workgroup report backs followed by a discussion of our concerns over the future direction … 

Community Outreach Minutes – Jan 17 2012

Community Outreach Minutes

I dont have an exact date, but this meeting took place in January, on or shortly before the 18th. [the Meeting was Jan 17 2012, & scribed by Amy Price. EDIT/KR]

Lief was contacted directly by a …