GA Minutes 1/21/2012 PM

GA Started 5:40pm
Moderator: Jenny
Scribe: Patrick S. Miller
Facilitators: Ben Franklin

Workgroup Report back:

Internet [Ben Franklin]: changed the name from media workgroup to internet workgroup
working on the facebook Admin procedures, closing discussion & …

MEDIA/WEB WG Meeting Minutes 01.21.12

MEDIA/WEB WG Meeting Minutes  01.21.12

No livestream due to overcast weather

Facilitator: BenjaminF

Scribe: Karen

In attendance: DianeS, KarenR, mouse, BenjaminF, Mary, LindaK, (visitorfromOccupyEarth)


Karen: Of the eleven invites sent out by Kevin from the Jan 7 Day, very …

evening GA 19 Jan 2012 Minutes

Tentative Minutes
** note: these are not proofread or corrected yet **

GA minutes 19 Jan 2012

Workgroup report backs

Joe – public comment 9:30 yesterday. Ray Hill spoke, had a lot of interaction. topic: police bullying. Remmington Ellesse spoke, …

GA 1/17/2012 PM Minutes

GA 1/17/2012 PM Minutes:
Moderator: Carl
Scribe: Ben Franklin
Stacker: Remington
Facilitator: Chris M
Attendance: ~20

7:23pm Carl begins introduction

Workgroup Reportbacks:
Jamin -Freedman’s Town Project: Recap of joining the 2 houses, started restoration project clean-up Saturday, …

General Assembly Minutes 1/10/12 PM

This meeting was in Open Discussion format. We had an attendance of about 20 people, in and out, throughout the meeting time. Since there were no Work Group Report Backs or proposals to be made, we decided on Open Discussion …

evening GA 07 Jan 2012

GA Minutes 1/07/2012 PM

Moderator: Miguel
Facilitators: Jenny, Scott
Scribe: Ben Franklin
Stack C/O: Shere
Timekeeper: Jonathon

Introduction: Begin w/call to consensus to start GA; All GA tonight will be under People’s Mic
Review of hand-signals for benefit of new …

Webteam/Media WG Minutes Re-Focus Day Jan 7 2012

Webteam / Media WG Meeting Minutes  Re-Focus Day Jan 7 2012

livestreamed by mouse at

Facilitator: BenjaminF

Scribes: Karen, and the LS video archive (starts (@ 14:00)

In attendance:

Webteram/Media Members: KevinL, KarenR, mouse, BenjaminF, Mary, Leif, EvanC, …

General Assembly Minutes 1/5/12 pm

Moderator- Jenny

Facilitator- Mary

Stacker- Darin

Scribe- Scott

Timer- Chris

started with a small quorum of about 15, ended up with about 28 in attendance

Pending Proposals

Delbert- #OH stand along with #OWS and stand in solidarity with Occupy the …