Pizza Co-op: Thursday, January 10th at 7 p.m.

Business call!

Do you want to be a part of a “worker-owned” business? Are you interested in baking and enjoy working in a team setting? JOIN US as we discuss coordinating a pizza co-op right here in Houston, TX.

We …

Dec. 27, 2012 – Houston’s Homeless is Highlighted



All too often, the homeless are shunned by society, quickly brushed away as those who are deserving of their circumstances. Occupy Houston supports legitimate local homeless programs designed to feed, shelter and offer care to individuals who are …

Panel Discussion: Corporate Personhood v. Your Personhood: Who Has More Rights?

On Friday evening, January 20, join us for “Corporate Personhood vs. Your Personhood: Who Has More Rights?”  This panel discussion commemorates the 2nd anniversary of Citizens United v. FEC, the latest in over a century of Supreme Court decisions establishing …
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Occupy Houston on GreenWatch TV air date 10.19.11

Now this is ‘must see TV’!  Occupy Houston on GreenWatch TV Oct 19 2011 (air date).

Guests: Maria-Elisa Heg, Steven Johnson, Dustin Phipps, Gessner Soto, Jocelyn Viera, Shaun Crump; all standing in solidarity not only with other occupiers, but …

Against the Institution: A Warning for ‘Occupy Wall Street’

While I fully endorse the efforts and actions of the Occupy Wall Street protests, now emerging internationally, there are concerns which need to be addressed and kept in mind as the movement moves forward.

The process through which a …

First OFFICIAL Release from Occupy Wall Street

We here at Occupy Houston are an autonomous branch of the Occupation Movement, but felt this needed to be posted to dispense of the disinformation that Corporate Media is helping propagate about Occupy Wall Street. They are focusing on random

Occupy Wall Street (The Theory)

all respect and recognition to John Robb @ Global Guerrillas. Decentralization is the new humanity!!/johnrobb

edit: Similar sentiments:
The Occupation is the Message
Occupy Wall Street Doesn’t Need to Issue any Demands (Yet)


Public Education

An informed public is an effective public. We’ve added a public education forum for us to share the facts on the ground. This is your chance to share what you know about the corruption on Wall Street and issues that …