Send web requests to webrequests@occupyhouston.org

The web volunteer group is always looking for more volunteers to help process the main web related tasks and requests. To reach magnets on the web team, send email to webrequests@occupyhouston.org. You can also use this address to send a request to be added as a site editor or forum moderator if you feel you can help post blog entries, GA minutes, announcements, events, etc. Web group asks that someone from the group has met you in person and talked with you about how to use the website before increasing an occupier’s site role to Author or greater. Please, if you join web group and want to be a recipient of webrequests@… use the address to let us know!

Becoming a Site Editor or Forum Admin

The first step is to create an account (if you have not done so already) by going to our forum and clicking the ‘login‘ link. You may find it easiest to login with an existing account of yours, such as Facebook, Google, etc. If you do not have one of these accounts, the last option is to create your own account directly on occupyhouston.org.

Once you have done this, email webrequests@occupyhouston.org with your username and your request (site editor, forum admin, both).

OR send an email to webrequests asking for your site account to be set up.

Becoming Facebook Admin for Occupy Houston

You will need to introduce yourself in person to other FB admins and demonstrate understanding of Facebook and basic admin functions, etc. Multiple FB admins must approve each new FB admin.